Two weeks wait over and still no appointment

Hi everyone I’m 35 and two years ago felt a lump in my breast was told I just have lumpy boobs have been back numerous times and finally 2 weeks ago I got a doctor who said I do have lumpy boobs however what I can feel is a definite lump and has referred me. I haven’t had my appointment yet and my 2 week slot is up today. Have called the clinic and they are very busy at the moment and have assured me I’m top of the cancellation list. Im really panicking as it is and the wait just seems to be on going. Has anyone else had long wait times?

Hi Crinkles,

Yes, sometimes others on the forum have reported waiting a little longer, but it sounds like they will get you in soon. Mostly all turns out to be well, bc is the least likely cause of your symptoms, but nevertheless, the anxiety from waiting is the pits. Although it doesn’t feel like it, a slight delay will not make any difference to the outcome.

ann x