Two weeks waiting nearly over

I was recalled 3 days after my 60th birthday! Had the utrasound and needle biopsy in two areas of my right breast. Christmas and New Year in between and I’ve been trying not to over think and google scary stuff. I found this blog last night and it made me feel so much better. Reading that other women have been thinking the same awful thoughts and starting to plan my funeral etc has made me feel better. I don’t feel alone. I’ll be glad when I know what it is though. I’m a positive person so I’m hoping I can stay positive whatever they tell me on Thursday. Decided not to tell anyone apart from my husband (who has been great) and it’s been hard especially at midnight on New Years Eve - happy new year etc etc blah blah blah - let’s hope it’s good news.

Hi Jules,

Good luck for Thursday, usually all is well, but if it is bc then the mammo has done it’s job in picking it up so that it can be dealt with, bc outcomes, especially for those detected by screening are excellent, there’s  certainly no need to plan your funeral yet!

Oh & well done on avoiding google!

ann x

Hi Jules

Glad you have found this forum a little place of sanctuary - it was for me. Sounds like we have had similar tests - mine was over October to November - every rotten program in the TV was about breast and other cancer …I really struggled to stop looking around the web for answers, and got my Will out as I wanted to make sure all my business was sorted, I wasn’t worried about me but my family - it was panic mode and had to really take back control of myself. I must admit having had as much prodding, squashing and multiple biopsies taken - my final visit to the clinic was a bit of a relief as either way I would have an answer and plans could be made. I was lucky - in that I needed to have an op - but it all turned out okay. In fact timescales NHS and private were the same! I hope this gives some reassurance - the anxiety devils take over but it is not always bad news and if it is - there are so many options these days.

Take care


Thanks - I’ll let you know how I get on. I slept better last night after reading the posts on here so I’ll probably read a few more before going up tonight and tomorrow. I work so at least the day time is busy so less time to think morbid thoughts! xxxxxxxxx

Thought I’d post this onto my original thread too -  Not good news from me I’m afraid. Confirmed cancer so CT scan next week, oncologist appointment the week after and then 6 sessions of chemo. That will be followed by surgery to remove the offending cells and surrounding tissue. So I now have to allow my brain to get the facts in and then I can tell my family! Can’t do that until I get my head around it a bit and can talk without being too emotional! The nurse was wonderful but I haven’t had the courage to open the pack of information yet. I’ll take it with one positive step at a time.

Hi Jules

So sorry that you have had that news. Take your time to understand what is going on - give yourself plenty of ‘head space’. You will find that you will have some fantastic friends old and new that will step up and be there for you. Thinking of you