Tykerb/Lapatanib ! What do you think??

I am a bit confused about NICE and Tykerb. My Onc does not think that it will be approved and that some of the results are exaggerated. However a lot of ladies on this site are desperate for it and are convinced of its efficacy.My brain cannot grasp things as easily as it used to( I believe cognitive deficet is the new black).
Can anyone enlighten me ?
Paula D are you out there? Tried to whisper but it was removed.

Julie x

bumping it up again

I think we’re all a bit confused about Tykerb, as it’s such a new drug. But my onc feels confident that it could help when herceptin is no longer effective-and that’s comforting enough for me!

Herceptin sadly didn’t work for me. I’ve been on a trial since April Tykerb/Xeloda combo as I have skin mets and am having good results.

Jackie x