Type 1 diabetes?

I’ve recently been diagnosed with grade 2 ductal invasive, and am awaiting further tests on Monday and lumpectomy/mastectomy soon after.

I’m also insulin dependant (type 1) diabetic, and wondered if there were any more of “us” out there?

I’ve read lots of research about insulin, mitosis, diabetes and cancer, and have managed to scare myself stupid. I know that everyone says don’t google, but that’s rather like telling someone not to think about elephants…

Hi KittieKat

I am not diabetic and am not well informed on the condition, but thought I would respond as I’ve been doing some reading on insulin and its role in breast cancer, and Insulin Like Growth Factors. Insulin seems to play a role in the regulation of cancer cell growth, and some diabetic drugs are now being used to treat breast cancer, particularly Metformin. I know Metformin is used to treat Type 2 diabetes, but don’t know whether it can be used for Type 1 as well? Probably not, but if it can, it might be something for you to pursue, as it seems that Metformin can kill bc stem cells that chemo can’t reach, and can reduce recurrence by over 50%.

I hope the tests go well on Monday, and the results are good.

finty xx