Types of scars for lumpectomy

Hi everyone,

Any thoughts/advice on the options for lumpectomy scars? I’m still pretty young without kids, so simply not ready for too much reconstruction if it can be avoided. I have a small upper outer mass that could be approached directly through the top of my breast or through an incision along the nipple. I’m curious which, you all feel from experience, looks better in the long run?
It’s a small mass, about 1 cm, but I’m sure they’ll still need some room to dig around… I’m super pale, with pale nipples too, so getting paranoid about how to discreetly place these. They just found something of a similar size in the other breast as well, so now shooting for symmetry as well haha…

Thank you!

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Mine was in the centre of my right breast and he approached it from the right that is the outer side and said that usually from that point the results aren’t usually too disfiguring . My scar has healed very well it’s smooth straight and barely visible and my SNLB scar has disappeared . My breast has pulled inwards so I have a dent near the lumpectomy scar but I’m happy with it. My right nipple has become inverted but then it has always been slightly inverted anyway - my nipples never looked like a matching pair . I’m happy but then I’m in my 50 s . To be honest I think you should go with the approach your surgeon thinks will have the best chance of removing everything with the least chance of complications . Hopefully you will get a surgeon you trust who should be able to explain it all to you.

Sorry to hear that they’ve found something on the other side as well now but when you get your results you can then discuss options . I’ve heard that cosmetically you may have more options in the US than we do on the NHS here. Xx


Hi agree with @JoanneN
Let the surgeon make the decision I had 2 wide local excisions before mastectomy had straight line scars which faded quickly nipple looked fine was happy with end result both times , they will go through the proceedure at the end of the day you just want the cancer out :+1:t2:good luck xx

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Hi @fuwafuwa24

I had surgery when I was 25 to remove what turned out to be a fibroadenoma. It was about 5cm above my left nipple. The surgeon made the incision around my nipple and the scar healed lovely and went very pale over time.

I am now 61 and have recently been diagnosed with DCIS in my right breast. I had my first operation in January and the surgeon again made the incision around my nipple. I have recently had a second operation as they didnt get clear margins. The surgeon went in through the same incision around my nipple. My wound is very neat.

Like the other ladles have said, I think a lot depends on the surgeon, so maybe have a chat with him or your Breast Care Nurse.

All the best to you xx

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Maybe you could ask your surgeon for some images of real surgery scars?
I had a similar size of lump as yours but on inner side of breast and my surgeon recommended the surgery via the nipple area. Overall I am happy with the result and I am pleased that the breast is essentially scar free. The nipple scar is not very visible as it is on the edges of the aureole (except for an area where the stitches pulled due to a seroma so the scar is a bit broader). I do have a small indentation where the lump was that can be seen when I raise my arms.

Mine was 1.6cm upper outer quadrant. I was very teasy about nipple function post op. After discussing it with my surgeon she offered me an under boob incision or a peri areolar. This was an easy decision for me to stay away from my nipple !!!
I did however say that if it was tricky to get at the cancer from the under boob incision I was more than happy to go with surgeons preference.
The under boob incision is really neat and well healed. I suppose what I didn’t expect is that the skin has “creased” over the area where the tumour was dissected. To anyone who doesn’t know they’d probably think it was my incision
In the future I do have the possibility of fat filling to try and improve the appearance. If I can face it !!! And if my surgeon thinks it will improve the appearance.
My nipple was partially numb for the first 2 or 3 months, but is now pretty much as before.
It was my B nipple if you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I guess the point of this experience is don’t be afraid to say what matters to you, it gives you a tiny bit of control and although it’s taken several months I am sort of reconciled to how my boob looks and feels.

Good luck xxx

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I completely understand how youre feeling. I would speak to your surgeon & ask them honestly what they think. Although their main priority is to gwt the cancer out they really dont want anyone left feeling disfigured and do all thwy can to be as least invasive as possible.
Patients also get before & after surgery picutures & give permission for usage. Many (including myself) give permission for new patients to see these pictures so they know what to expect from their own surgery.
Get in contact with your surgeon & BCN before your next appointment and ask them to have pictures ready for you to look at at your next appointment. I think this will set your mind at ease.
Im quite a bit older than you (40) but single & the way i looked really worried me. Im nearly a year post op (mastectomy with diep flap) but i can honestly say i feel confident in my own skin.
I hope you find the same peace.
Good luck