Ugh. Surgery cancelled due to covid. ???

You couldn’t make this up.

Today was meant to be my surgery day.  I woke up today with a slightly tickly throat and took a covid test and it was positive.  My first time too.

I haven’t heard back from my care team or my nurse.  Any idea quickly you can have surgery after covid?

I have a feeling it’s at least 3-4 week wait for a new slot with my surgeon anyway.  Feeling covidy and pretty downbeat.

Hi @Jackie P  

So sorry to hear this - I would be well hacked off.

The same thing happened to my friend and she waited a further 6 weeks in order to prevent complications after surgery - but that was last year and I think the rules may have changed since then.

 Have you tried the ringing helpline or posting this in the Ask Our Nurses section ? They may know if there are any guidelines.

I don’t know your situation / what surgery you’re having and how urgent they think it is exactly but I’m wondering if it’s worth you looking into whether you could have the free anti - viral treatment that many of us have been offered when we got Covid after surgery + chemo/ radiotherapy . I had it when I got Covid after radiotherapy , it helped and if you could get it it might help you recover more quickly. 

Rough as you may be feeling you are probably the one who is going to have to chase them up to get your answers . 

Make sure you take on board any advice re getting over Covid . My advice would be don’t try to push yourself to get back to your normal level of activity too quickly as I know people who have done that and relapsed . 

Really hope you feel better soon :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: . Take care 

Joanne x