Ugly hair!

Hi all.

I’m starting chemo next month (15th). In preparation for loosing my hair I’ve just had it cut short. The offcut will be going off to the Little Princess Trust so something good coming out of it :slight_smile: I am now the owner of the worse, ugly old lady hair cut in the world. Cannot believe how awful it is. Am looking forward to chemo and hair falling out (really!!). My husband said the shave it as it can only improve it. Oh woe is me!! Best friend has said I must go to top hair salon tomorrow and get it fixed. She is brutal but honest!

Sorry had to share! Seems so lame in the scheme of things. Need some ideas for funky short hair. Mine is icurly/wavy and not well behaved at all ( like me).

Ho hum.

Still things could be worse blah blah blah

Hugs to all x

Hiya, sorry to hear you are hating your hair. I TOTALLY agree with your mate. If you can afford it I would go to a top salon and get a fab pixie cut now. Enjoy your hair whilst you have it. And get it looking nice so that, during and after chemo, you know full well that you can rock a decent pixie cut, otherwise you’re going to spend your time on chemo really p*ssed off cos you’ll think you look cr@p with short hair whereas in fact that’s not the case, you just had one cr@p haircut. Think of the money you’re going to save on haircuts in the next few months and go spend some now to make yourself feel better. Whereabouts in the country are you? Maybe someone here could recommend a salon local to you where they have had a great short haircut.

Thanks for the boost Tors. Am now sporting sexy Kylie type crop (if you squint a bit lol). But feeling really good about it. Did school run without baseball hat. Have a new fab hairdresser, who is gorgeous. Think I am a little bit in love!!

Feeling good about life again x x

I’ve not Had to get mine chopped yet, but will need to soon enough.

What’s the little princesses trust? And how do you go about donating your hair? That sounds a lovely thing to, I think I would like to do that…

I also have badly behaved hair and it’s a Monica in Barbados look until it is straightened with an in inch of it’s life,

glad you got a glam short look.

Eleanor x

im not sure if i got to have chemo yet but if i do i will b getting my hair cut very short so it wont affect me or the kids when it finally happens my girls have said they would shave there hairs to bless um also my friend said she would and get ppl to donate my husband has a shaved head and i remember when i seen him for first time xx

Hi, check out They provide real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. All the donation details are on their website. It had to be at least 17cm long. Makes it feel worthwhile having it all chopped off. I always compare mine to Monica too! Frizzease is no match for my hair!

I think it will be less of a shock losing short hair. I am finding it all quite liberating :slight_smile:

My lovely mum was all for shaving her hair when the time comes. Am convincing her not too! People are all very lovely aren’t they? Most of the men in my life already have shaved heads. Will def get a photo with them, all baldies together!!! At least mine will come back. Have asked for straight hair lol.


Hey doggirl,

I hope you get your straight hair.

I had a wee look at the trust thing and my hair is long enough, it can even have some grey so I am sorted lol.

Think it’s a lovely idea and you always look for something good to come out of bad things so I am delighted to be in a position to do it… Well mibee not delighted but you know what I mean lol.

Eleanor xx

Oh that’s really brilliant Eleanor. I know what you mean. I figure it is coming off regardless so might as well get some gOod out of it. Am loving my short hair. Last time I had short was when I was 8, and even then I had a rats tail (oh the shame!!!).

Good luck x