ultra sound biopsy clear but got a big hard lump where it was taken


Last year was diagnosed with bc had chemotherapy and radiation finished in feb this year

found lumps in other breast so panic striken went to hospital consultant felt both breasts said he could feel the lumps but was nothing sinister but did ultrasound to reassure me it didn’t even though the radiologist said nothing on the ultrasound to biopsy jjust dense tissue the consultant did a biopsy of both areas both clear. But a week later i found a big cherry sized lump under my arm i went into panic  mode phone bc nurse she said nothing to worry about probably lymph node reaction to trauma but its still here a week later and now feel slightly feverish and unwell. basically i am worred sick last time i was going to the doctor for 6 months being told there was nothing wrong and then after routine mammogram, they found cancer. the thing is the consultant said if i let this take over my life it will and now i am afraid to contact the hospital in case they think i’m being neurotic i am just so tired and worried they aren’t doing another mammogram till feb which is nearly 2 years from first one because my hospital takes it from the last radiotherapy treatment


can anyone help with advice anyone had anything similar

Hello Amanda,


It can be so difficult can’t it, especially with what you went through before.  If you still have the lump in your armpit, then if you do not want to go to the hospital again then perhaps discuss with GP.  However, what about ringing the BCN again and just saying that it is a week later and it is still there.  It is ok for others saying about letting go and getting on with things, but we are also told to be vigilant about our bodies with regard to recurrence.  It is possible that it may be an infection/irritation from the testing.


By the way, I had ultrasound and FNA on suspicious recurrence area last week.  The test showed clear.  However, a week later and things feel as if i had my main surgery last week and not over a year ago.  I have more discomfort under the arm.  I am assuming that this increased tight feeling and discomfort is  from aggravation caused by the FNA (as well as how I have to lie down at the moment due to other issues).  I will give it a couple of weeks to see if it dies down .  If not, then I will just discuss it with medical staff again. 


Best Wishes to you Amanda,


Chick x



HI Amanda


Im sorry you are experiencing this at the moment after successfully completing your treatment earlier in the year.  I can empathise with you as I had a very similar experience. The lump I found in my other breast turned out to be fatty tissue.  I then developed a nasty red lump just under my armpit.  I was given lots of reassurance by my BCN, however it didnt help me to feel any reassured!  It was actually my GP who referred me to the breast clinic, which was fortunately running the very next day, and I was diagnosed with a cyst, which was drained and I was given antibiotics.  Now, I am in no way saying your outcome will be the same, only that there are innocent explanations for these lumps.  You should persist though and get it checked again - worrying about it will probably cause you more distress than the lump itself.  I hope you get some peace of mind soon, and that it all works out for you.  Please do keep us updated with any news.  Take care