Ultrasound, now a biopsy


I had a chest ct scan for asthma reasons when they noticed something in one of my breasts that showed up on the scan. They advised me to get a breast ultrasound on just the one breast where they ended up finding four masses–the largest is 3cm, and that one is quite palpable and a tad bit tender when pressed on. They now have me scheduled for a biopsy on just the largest nodule. She said I also have dense tissue apparently.
Does all of this sound like normal protocol? Is there anything I should be worried about? Breast cancer does run in my family. I’m in my early 20s, no kids.

Hi Anna,
It’s certainly good that this has been picked up so that it can be properly investigated & if it is not clear what it is, then biopsy is the normal course of action in this situation.
In someone of your age, it would be highly unlikely to be bc & there is usually a much more common reason for the breast change.
ann x