Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

I hello. I am half way through my 8 cycles of chemo.
First 4 were FEC and next the T. My ultrasound showed a 75% reduction in tumour size. Sounds good but apparently the ideal for survival is 100% complete response to chemo. I wondered if anyone had any info from their treatment team on this. Mant thanks x

Hi, when my consultant manually examined me (after 3 x FEC, 1 x T) my tumour had reduced but was still fairly large. I was surprised at the size but his response was that I had only had 1 x T (so I had two more to go). This seem to imply that he was not surprised or worried at that stage so not sure if yours are expecting a 100% reduction even though you have not completed the treatment. I have only been examined once during chemo with no scans booked to check the progress.

Thanks. I’m a terrible worried and not very brave. The slightest hint of doubt from my Doctor and I crumble - pathetic I know! ! X