hello friends
i am 24 and have 4 beautiful children (scarlett born sleeping ) and 3 children here at home (i am blessed)
i am a carer for my mum who is terminally ill and im married to my amazing husband <3

i finally went for my ultrasound i was fast tracked as one of my breasts had got a little larger than the other and fuller but i had a thickeness in my breast which you can see from the outside. i got there today they examined me! discouvered my under arm is tender too which iv had since having my daughter around 6 months ago. i remember noticing when i was breast feeding (only breast fed for 8 days) that there was a part of my breast sticking out that went down once i stopped breast feeding all of a suden a month ago i had acheing and noticed one breat bigger than the other and so i don e a self breast exam as i do monthly atleats monthly anyway. i got a shock ax there was such a thickness near top of my breast.
i felt sick to my stomach it felt like a large grown didnt move i knew soemthing was right.
i went today he said alot of women can get more thickness there he said if nothing is on ultrasound im happy for you to go home he marked where it was i didnt even have to tell him what breast it was.
so went for ultrasound he shook his head said no nothing there u can go not even 2 minutes i was in there no lie then i was walking out.
i cant help but feel so worried and like soemthing isnt right
i told my husband he said well what is that then… did u tell him this is new i said yes
i feel stuck. :frowning: it wasnt seen on ultrasound but its very prominant in person i feel lost here …
any advice :frowning:

it just doesnt make sense i was almost sure they would see soemthing or atleast do more this just doesnt seem normal to me?

how do i even go about getting a second opinion i dont want them thinking im just complaining ect. x

Hi, I replied to this post on the other board you posted it on. X