Ultrasound worries

Hello everyone, first time posting. Am 25 years out from first diagnosis. Stage 2 I believe I was. Few positive nodes, double masectomy, chemo and radiation. Anyways had my yearly ultrasound and found under 5mm mass in original breast. Also swollen lymph node. My first question is. I had two sets of stitches in April, one on shoulder on the side of previous cancer and one on stomach same side. could the inflammation and fluid make it tight under my arm since I had about 10 nodes removed back in 99? I didn’t get infected but I was wondering if that’s why my node is a little swollen. 5mm seems awful small to spread already. Second question is, can a tiny recurrence be bad in my breast? I mean is it considered stage three or anything?! I’m hoping its just fat necrosis since I had fat grafting done a few years ago. Anyways, I’m so scared. I can’t eat or sleep. I’m sitting in my car typing this without my glasses crying so sorry if I misspelled anything. Thank you.

Hi kimr…first, find someone you love today and take a walk to help with anxiety, as I feel better when I get out of the house/car.
Second, call your specialists to get more info on what tests mean. I’ve had 2 lumpectomies, in past year, radiation, n letrozole now. I really like all my doctors, so I would schedule a visit. Be well💗

Thank you🌷