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I (43f) got called back after my first first mammogram for an Ultrasound to look a 1.6 cm mass on the right breast. My mammogram indicated that I had extremely dense breast tissues. My ultrasound results are as follows

ultrasound of the right breast demonstrates an 18 x 19
x 8 mm hypoechoic mass at 12:30 2 cm from the nipple, which corresponds
with the mammographic abnormality. The margins of the mass are ill-defined
and mildly irregular. Targeted ultrasound the right axilla demonstrates
normal-appearing right axillary lymph nodes.
ACR BI-RADS code: 4A - Suspicious - Low Suspicion for Malignancy

Radiologist looked at the ultrasound and said the mass looks like a fibroadenoma, but the edges were not well defined. So a biopsy is recommended. The other alternative is repeat ultrasound 6, 12 and 24 months. I was told my cancer risk was less than 5%.

I really don’t want to do the ultra sound but I am also not comfortable with thought what if I am sitting on a yet to be diagnosed cancer.

I am sacred and clueless on what to do. I would appreciate any input on my situation . TIA.


Oh bless you - so sorry that you’ve been called back your very first time . Mammograms can be uncomfortable and strange in themselves until you’ve had a few and got used to them .

If it was me and I was offered the choice then I would have the biopsy though I would hope that if it comes back as a fibroadenoma as seems likely they would still call you back before the 3 years are up.

You are right not to be comfortable sitting on this - nobody would be. Your message sounds a bit confused which is not surprising given the circumstances and unfortunately in BC world you do get asked to make important decisions quite often. That’s not me saying I think you have BC - the chances are that you don’t but this is the world that you’re living in just at the minute . If you are worried that you don’t have all the right information or don’t understand the information you have been given you could try speaking to your BCN . Otherwise ringing the helpline tomorrow might help clarify things for you ? Especially if you feel you are being pushed in a particular direction it might help to discuss it with someone who has the expertise but is impartial .

With love and keeping my fingers crossed for you
Joanne. X

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