Uncomfortable breast lump

My dr had found a lump and my breast clinic apt is this coming week. Is it normal to feel so uncomfortable with this especially sitting into a chair and whilst laying down. I’m just so frightened and the same feeling is now in the other breast. Can bc spread this quickly at 54 years. Thank you.

Hi Loulou 


Its totally normal to feel as panicked and frightened as you are now and this leads to your brain going in to over drive and imagining all sorts, we’ve all been there! 

If you do have breast cancer it won’t be going on a rampage around your body as we speak and wouldn’t have spread to your other breast in a matter of days, it just doesn’t work like that. 


Your hyper aware of everything at the minute and most likely poking and prodding your boobs even if you don’t realise you are which will be adding to the discomfort, mine was black and blue by the time I got to the clinic because I couldn’t leave it alone! Which incidentally turned out to be just a fatty lump and my cancer was found else where by an eagle eyed radiologist during an ultrasound! 


I can’t tell you what this will or won’t be but I do completely understand how you are feeling and that’s the one thing we all have in common here, I was diagnosed 3 years ago this month aged 46 and now I’m facing my 50th birthday in May and am well and happy so whatever happens life goes on , a diagnosis certainly doesn’t mean it’s over not by a long shot,none of us want this of course and it takes some getting used to but we deal with it as we have no choice! 


Try not to google and scare yourself even more , keep talking to us and hopefully you will be back to tell us all is well in a few days but if not then you will find plenty of ladies here in the same boat who will help you through Xx Jo 





I just wanted to echo everything that Jobey has said.  This is a very scary time and our imagination does run riot with us whilst we are waiting.


If you want to let us know how you get on at your appointment, and in the meantime just keep coming on here when you need to and we will get you through