Uncomfortable reconstruction

Hi everyone, just a quick question if anyone can help.
Was diagnosed in 2006 and had reconstruction using tram flap + implant in 2007. Its been fine, but in the last two weeks, I can feel sonething under my breast (my bra seems to be resting on something) could just be its moved a bit inside, but I have been getting slight pain now as well and it goes through to my back. My shoulder (on the same side as reconstruction) is really aching. I sound daft for asking, but I am scared that the cancer has come back under the reconstruction and no one is going to know its there. I know my surgeon wouldn’t have done the op if she thought there was a chance of it coming back there, but has anyone else had this? Thanks, Lisa

I don’t want to worry you because it is probably nothing but my surgeon did warn me before I had the op, that cancer can recur under the implant and when it does, the implants make detecting it more difficult. That’s not to say that that’s what this is so don’t let fear overtake. I would definitely get it checked out though.

Thanks, I am due my yearly mammogram next Thursday so I will mention it then x

I got cancer in my new breast after 6 months. It is scary, but it is treatable - and the quicker it gets dealt with the better. I was told that there is only 1% chance of a recurrance in a new breast; it is only a slim chance so I hope yours is something benign. Let us know what happens on Thursday