Under 50, positive lymph node and no boost given

Can anyone tell me if they were diagnosed under 50. I was 47. I didn’t have the boost because the clips had moved and they couldn’t guess with the extra boost of radiation so they didn’t do it. I was concerned but had to trust them but now after treatment I worry about this coming back because I also had in in two lymph nodes . One was destroyed with chemo and the other with surgery. I understand this puts my at a much higher risk . I think if I knew there was someone else out there who was under 50 ,didn’t have the boost and had in it the lymph nodes I would not feel  so alone with this diagnosis. 

Hi Mackernes,

I am slightly mystified by the line in your post saying they didn’t do the boost because you’d, ‘healed so well as they couldn’t see where the tumour was’. For invasive ductal carcinoma they usually (or certainly used to a few years ago) insert (and leave in) tiny metal clips at the site of the tumour (when carrying out a lumpectomy) to act as a marker (i.e. including for future ref).

Not sure whether size of lump or type of bc has any bearing on this approach? It might we worth giving the nurses a quick call at BCN (tel number top right hand side of screen) to talk it through with them? Might help give you answers and/or a few questions to ask your onc team, to get the clarification you need, and just as importantly, the peace of mind.

I hope you get the answers you need and wish you all the best with your continuing recovery. 

X Seabreeze