Under arm Hair removal

I wondered how everyone else copes. Im finding even sensitive underarm remover to almost burn my skin. I shave with an electric razor but it dosnt last long. All help and Ideas will be greatfully received.

HI there, have you had recent rads or chemo or surgery? Just wondering cos it will make the possibilities different. Also you might want to jump on the appearance thread and ask there, cheers Nicola

My chemo finished Sep 09 and my rads Jan 10, and with the agreement of my onc I’m starting IPL hair removal - which is ‘interesting’ as it’s quite tingly under my good arm, but I feel nothing under my bad one!!

Thank you for your replies. Sorry if i put this on the wrong thread, only asked 2 questions since joining last year. Still a novice.
Ive had Chemo which finished last June and 2 recon ops the 1st one had 4 nods removed and the latest recon op Dec last year. Im off on holiday in a few weeks and my electric razor charger is heavy in my luggage.