Under arm hair

Am not shaving either at the moment and 3 weeks post lumpectomy. I feel that I don’t need any complications so a bit of fuzz in the grand scheme of all this doesn’t really matter! It’s the nerve pain that’s crippling me… any thoughts ladies?

Hi I had my lumpectomy two weeks today and for the first week or so had little in the way of pain in or under my arm however in the last few days it has got increasingly painful to the point that I was in tears last night. I feel that it is constantly stinging and am getting shooting pains down my arm and into my palm and fingers. I would be interested if this is the same pain you are experiencing. X



I would have said that it is probably all the nerves knitting back together again, however if you are concerned just give your bcn a call for peace of mind.  I can remember after mine that I had quite a lot of discomfort once all the aneasthetic and stuff wore off and everything was starting to heal.


Helena xxx

That’s exactly how I felt and I ended up going to see my nurse just to check my wounds etc. she said that what I was experiencing was normal and that I need to keep doing the exercises and using my arms when I can gently. She also did a slight massage on the under arm which hurt a lot but did release the muscle tension. Good luck xxx

One month post surgery- still not shaving. My armpit feels a little numb, and I’m so afraid of cutting myself with the razor! 

Hi  I tried to shave a bit - but 4 weeks post lumpectomy I am still numb and swollen so hard to shave.


The arm is painful - ;linked more to the lymph nodes removal (clearance) and this is still sollen and nerve pain is there- but been told it will be - so normal!

Hi ladies I was scrolling through posts and saw this. I am 14 months on from a lumpectomy and a 2 node negative removal. All is fine now with the post op pain I had. My god it was awful. The nerve pain kicked in about 2 weeks post surgery. It felt like a carpet burn even if a T shirt touched my skin. The lightest touch felt stinging raw. It was unbearable so I was put on amitryptaline 10mg to take at night. It took 3 weeks to work. After 6 weeks it was 90%better so I went up to 20mg. I stayed on it for 7 months and because I had no nerve pain then I slowly weaned myself off and have not had any nerve pain since. Please be reassured that this is your nerves waking up and trying to function again. I do recommend the amitryptaline if it’s too distressing as it calms the nerves down. I honestly thought my surgery had failed because I thought I would always have the nerve pain. I am totally back to normal now and believe me I never thought I would be.

I was using an underarm hair removal cream (Veet - sensitive) prior to my Mastectomy & Axilla surgeries and radiotherapy. Now I’m wondering if/when it would be safe to resume using it underarm where my lymph nodes were removed. Has anyone else been given guidance around this or if you’ve already been through this stage using a cream, hoping for any personal experience you can share. e.g. skin irritations or other side effects?

I’m just 2 weeks post-chest wall radiotherapy now, so still have a week to go before I can resume using soap, regular skin moisturiser, and scar tissue massage.