Underarm discomfort 8 weeks postoperative

need advice
Had mx/reconstruction/strattice mesh 8 weeks ago. Had on and off discomfort. Externally all healed lovely. Had a red rash. That’s gone too. Feeling started to come back in armpit from lymthnode. Feels really weird sensation like swollen, sticky tape, burning, tightness side of breast and underarm. I did think I got off easy with lymph node discomfort (4 removed all clear) but obviously now feelings comeback it feel horrible. Especially when I do housework or lift my 1 year old.
just wanted to know if it all normal, I’m doing exercises but help for a little while then horrible sensation back again. I want to get back to normal life but the discomfort make it hard. Is it just to early!
advice ladies xxx

Hi Hay123, I can’t give you much info as didn’t have all the surgery you have. However, I think it is normal to have lots of strange sensations in the breast after surgery, I have had sharp pains, twinges and still very sore and tender around the tumour bed a year after lumpectomy. I’m sure someone on this forum will give you some advice later on but do speak to your Breast care nurse at the hospital in the meantime, or the BCC helpline. I hope you feel better soon. Trying to cope with a young child at the same time is hard, my little one was 3 when I was diagnosed. Good luck. X

Thanks Dorsetgirl’s. you are right it so hard with little one. Lifting doesn’t help:-(
hopefully I get some other replys. Take care xx



At 8 weeks, I was adviced to start introducing heavier weights. It is was a frustrating time, because I was feeling better and able to do a lot but missing the final strength and stamina. Now at 5 months, I still get twinges ( and i think this can happen on and off for a while ) but am pretty much back to normal.
If you are worried, obviously contact your doctor or ring the helpline.
I also find that not only the surgery stuff hurts but other muscles can get in on the act. The only relief I get is to walk and swing the arms. A good walk lifs the spirits and seems to get the other muscles to relax and stop hurting. My BCN warned me of this.
Take care and give yourself time. Can you get someone else to do the housework? As to lifting little one, can you be creative and go down to her level, so no lifting just cuddles. I appreciate it is easier said than done, however, when I talk to a physio about stuff, she did suggest finding alternative ways was the best/responsible way to do things. Also, make sure you are lifting correctly and not putting pressure on elsewhere that will make stuff hurt.
Wishing you well and patience to build up slowly.
PS - I still have not got back to the housework!

Thanks rosebud for your reply. I will try extra weights. You are right on other muscles getting in on act. I seem to have more weird sensations around boob, like in ribs, underarm, back etc.
Thanks again x