Underarm waxing-advice please

Hi folks,

Am finding the underarm hair a real bug bear after lymph removal-Im too scared to shave or epilate and wondered what waxing woud be like.
Ive got quite sensitive skin and find bikini waxing to be a bit ‘ouch’ and often leaves me with a nasty rash.
Whats the verdict girls!!!
Cathie xx

Hi Cathie

Don’t know about the waxing! Have you had all the nodes removed or just a few? In my case, full node removal, the BC nurse told me that I could only use creams in the future. Wish I could stay as I am now as the chemo got rid of them :slight_smile:

Deborah x

Hi Deborah
Yeah, just a few removed so I dont know if that makes a difference. I wondered whether to get my ‘good’ pit done and see how it goes!!
(heard a horror story bout someone who was left bleeding after a wax and Ive always thought Yeuk!!)

Cathie - I’ve heard that waxing is not good because it removes a little skin (tiny amount) with each strip, and this can be a source of infection. Don’t know how true it is - as with a lot of things bc related, we all seem to get told different versions by our medical team!

I would think that the safest routes to go are either a) cream hair remover or b)Electric razor to dry shave with.

Chemo is taking care of the problem for me at the moment, but it’s a dilemna I’ll be facing soon enough!

Sophie x

Hi, as Sophie says waxing is a no no as there is a risk of bleeding therefore infection, I purchased an electric razor which works well can also be used in the shower for a wet shave, hope that helps.

Take care x

Hi Everton Babe
Waxing is a no no, risk of infection. I’ve done waxing under arms pre BC and it’s agony. Can’t imagine doing it to scar tissue. I was told Electric razor but I have to confess to using ordinary razors VERY carefully.Smaller Ladies design ones are best. Although I only have hair on half my affected armpit anyway.
Just treat yourself gently.
Happy Days


I’m in the ‘Chinook’ camp. When I first did mine post op, I did affected pit in front of the bathroom mirror so that I could see exactly which areas the razor was reaching.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but in 35 years of shaving my pits I have never, not even once, cut my armpit shaving. That’s despite using the same razor that turned my legs to hamburger meat 10 seconds earlier…

I was also told waxing was a no no and I don’t think a beauty therapist would wax your affected armpit. I’ve been using an electric razor and so far so good, the oncologist told me also that razors were a definite no.

Godd luck
Tiny Tina


I’ve had my underarms waxed for a few years now with no issues at all; until possibly now.

About to start Rads for 3 weeks and nurse said OK to get them done before I start. Mind you only my boob being zapped. I didn’t have any surgery in armpit.

Between surgery & start of rads I continued to get them waxed with no problems once swelling/bruising reduced.

I tend to go every 4 weeks & nurse advised to avoid it until everything settled after rads.

If I’d had surgery to armpit I don’t think I’d even consider it due to heat of wax. I’d be reaching for my electric razor.

Take care

they recommend you dont shave after node surgery nowever its a reommendation not the law.

you have to whats right for you… the problem is the risk of infection but you cannot eliminate it entirely but can minimise the risk. any puncture to the skin can lead to infection so a scratch or cut or razor nick could lead to an infection. that said if you never nick when you shave then your risk would be much less.

i had nodes out on both sides but i get cuts in my fingers from hang nails much more often than i get cuts from shaving so i choose to shave but this is my own personal choice.

with waxing i think you are much more likely to get an ingrowing hair and this can cause infections in health people so the risk after node removal is probably higher.

Lulu xxx

Must admit, I’ve never nicked my underarms either, but now that my left one is completely numb, I’m just a little dubious about trying… the comment about cuts on fingers is true though, I’ve got at least three hangnails on my left hand at the moment, despite all the moisturiser I’ve been slapping on. When I remember :wink:

Think I’ll prob. go electric razor route… cos that means a shopping trip…lol

Hi Girlies
As usual, lots of really good advice so thanks all. Gonna invest in a new electric razor.