Undergoing treatment: hormone therapy, tamoxifen etc.

I’m about to start Zoladex & Tamoxifen.
It’s been such a long recovery getting to this point - mastectomy, reconstruction and IVF, but as the back to back procedure stage is now over, I am able to starting to looking to the future and my fella and I are planning a holiday.
How would one work a holiday around Zoladex injections?
We’d like to go back to a wonderful place in Goa, India which holds special memories - to lick our wounds after what has been such a difficult year (my boyfriend also lost his father very suddenly). Ideally we could go for about 6 weeks but my injections are monthly. Is it possible to get the jab administered outside the UK? Has anyone had a similar situation? Goa has fairly modernised hospital facilities but would they stock it? Does it have to be refrigerated or could I take a syringe with me to inject myself - I’ve just managed 2 IVF cycles of complicated injections to myself with no problems?
I’m keen to hear from anyone with any advice here at all - the nurse at my GP’s was really unhelpful.
After all we breast cancer patients have been through, I want the empowerment of knowing what I still can do - not be told what I can’t. Surely it’s not unreasonable to want to be able to take a trip of this kind?
Maybe I could have the 3 month jab this time and then go back to the monthly? Is it even possible/advisable to move from the monthly to the 3 month then back to the monthly?
This is all new to me?
If you girls can’t help - who should I be talking to?
All the best.

Hi Meg

Sorry can’t answer your question, but wanted to say me and my hubby have been to Goa (only for 2 weeks) every January for the past 8 years and love it. Do you go north or south?, we always go to Candolim in the North and have met some lovely people we consider as our friends. We are planning to go a bit later April next year once I get my rads out of the way.

We also went through IVF (hubby has low sperm count) twice April 2007 and March 2008 with no luck and was told there was no point in having any more cycles. So know where you are coming from with the injections.

Hope you get your answer to the injections.