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Hi all

Hi- I am a new member and hope I am posting in the right place. I am 30yrs old, told 2 weeks ago I have bc and had the lump and my first layer of lympth nodes removed 6 days ago. wesnesday 10oct I find out my treatment plan and if spread into the nodes- they don’t expect so. Think I am in shock as can’t show any emotions.

I believe this was a very straight forward operation, day surgery for me and only one cut as lump was at the side, no driving for 24 hours and some slight numbness.
for me however the pain and discomforI has been unbelievable. I am still taking the pain killers from the hospital i can move my arm if I put mind to it but it is so numb I can’t move unless I think hard. I have burning and stinging pain round the side and my back. I feel like I have a tennis ball under my arm and someone is pushing it really hard. Pins and needles in my hand.
i am shocked by the pain- is this Common after such a small standand procedure? Anyone else felt like this???


Hello Lucypenney30

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure you will find them a great source of support and information.

You may find a call to our helplinel useful, they’re great listeners and can address some of your concerns.

The lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2, the freephone number is 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes

June, moderator

hi lucy sorry to hear you are on this journey i too have been recently dx with bc. i had a lumpectomy and sentinol node biopsy and have had no probs at all i am 10 days post op and i am driving and have only a couple of steri strips in place, i think maybe you should ring the bc nurse and have a chat.

I am nearly six weeks post op for the same surgery and doing well but everyone reacts differently to things, pain being one of them so probably best to check this with your BCN.

Hope things improve for you. Sounds like you are in a lot of pain at the moment.
Don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

Take Care

Hi Lucy
Sorry to hear of the problems your experiencing.
i am 12 days post op mx, I still have the pains and numbness but nothing like you describe. Please don’t leave it, contact your BC nurse to check how thi gs are.
Hope thi gs get better please let us know
Annie x

Hi Lucy,
Im 29 and had a mastectomy and implant reconstruction 7 weeks ago. I agree that everyone manage these situations differentlsed specially pain but I would defo get in touch with your BCN or the ward where you had your surgery. I had a small healing issue with my wound and my surgeon saw me within a couple of days! Don’t be affaid to ask for advice or for your to see your surgeon. I hope this has helped a little, good luck.


I have been see my gp and the nurse said healing fine And changed the dressing. I always thought j had a high pain threshold but clearly not. I go back tomorrow to see my consultant, it’s all hitting me now.what painful situation. I’m trying to stay strong:-) thanks for ur messages. You are all so brave.

My nodes were clear. They did find something else which will need to be removed. I am hep something or other positive so my treatment plan is 6 months chemo, hormone treatment for 1 year and radio therapy. if we want to freeze eggs we need to do so now by starting ivf. I am still In shock but it feels like this is not ideal. Anyone else doing the Richmond shock absorber run on 20th oct? I signed up for the 5km but due I my arm have not been running - I need to try and get out walking/jogging this week!!

Hello, please can someone help!!
I am new to this but hope to gain some insight from people in the same situation. BC was diagnosed after biopsy also lymph nodes affected. On 2nd October I had surgery - lumpectomy and axillary clearance. I am 12 days post op but in some pain and also have numbness on inside of arm and in armpit.
My concern is my scar - armpit dressing fell off yesterday but wound is leaking a yellowy liquid which has quite an odour to it. Although my partner says it does not smell bad. I was told to leave the original dressings insitu until my first post op appointment. It became so smelly and soaked with ooze, when I got out of bed it fell to the floor.
I am so worried it is infected. I have developed a sore rash around the site of both scars (the breast scar has original dressings) - It itches but if I touch it it’s sore, its tight, hot and I get sharp pains periodically. Post op visit is Monday 15th.
I have applied a dry dressing but needed to change it twice today already.

I had a similar problem when I had same op last year, this is fluid from the lymph nodes = think they call it seris fluid. Mine got infected and I needed a couple of courses of antibiotics to clear it… more of an inconvenience than anything else, having to keep changing dressings. Get the nurse at the post op visit to have a look and take swabs to identify infection so they give you right anitbiotics. I got worried that all the swelling etc would make the scar wonky and tight, but it healed up fine in the end - medics are always commenting how neat it is now.
Good luck with your recovery, sure you will be fine, we are all here if you need support, only been on here a couple of days myself, and the camaraderie is amazing xxx
Just to add unfortunately the numbness takes aaages to go away, I still have some 14 months post op :frowning:

I have been told the soreness and itching is normal as its due to nerve damage…it does heal…i had my mx and clearance no september 11th and the soreness is slowly subsiding…
It does sound like the yellow fluid is lymph fluid…fingers crossed its not infected… hope the hospital visit goes well today…
Lucy - good luck with IVF. I had it prior to my chemo and i now have embryos frozen waiting for me when treatment finishes :slight_smile: