Understanding Biopsy Results


Can anyone answer this question as my BCN had no idea. :thinking:

My Histopathology results say:

Invasive Carcinoma: Present
Tumour Type: Ductal / No specific type

Along with other normal results grade etc…

Then says:

Non Invasive Lesions: Present
DCIS grade: Intermediate

No one has mentioned to me at all about a DCIS.

Is this another entirely diffrent thing? Or do you get both DCIS mixed in with the invasive cancer. Very confused

I have had surgery but only on one thing not two.

Hi, I recently had a double lumpectomy for multi focal IDC. My results meeting at my local hospital was all very positive, clear margins, no spread to the lymph nodes etc.; absolutely no mention of DCIS. I then moved onto oncology and was told that DCIS had been identified in the pathology results but all margins were clear. I was honestly thrown by this news and had a slight (ok, substantial) panic. However, I was assured that this is normal and DCIS is frequently found alongside IDC and that, certainly in my case, it is nothing to worry about.
Have you seen your oncologist yet? Hopefully they will be able to give you some reassurance x


Hi thanks for the reply.

This was my intial small needle biopsy not my results after surgery though. Still haven’t had these yet.

My concern is this wasn’t mentioned and only the 8mm tumour was removed not a DCIS.

Just feel like I’m not being told everything as this report I only saw because I asked for it.

When I had a wide local excision last July it was for two small areas of invasive cancer. As part of the operation a larger area of DCIS was found and removed. This hadn’t been mentioned beforehand. I am sure your surgeon will have been looking for anything like this. They have to ensure that they have clear margins around the tumour.

You don’t say when you are meeting with your surgeon. If you want more information before your meeting you can call the helpline here to speak to one of the lovely nurses.

Hi not seeing anyone for 3 weeks :weary:

My question is though why was I not told this from the start.

I got told a small 8mm tumor only. Nothing else to be seen in all my scans.

But was sent my original biopsy report saying DCIS Present.

Really worried now and feel like something else is going on. My BCN had no idea what it ment and said that only the 8mm tumour was removed she doesn’t know why the DCIS is mentioned in my report and was very dismissive of it.

The beginning of my report says this from the consultant who took the biopsies:

Clinical Information

8mm spiculated mass in left lower inner quadrant on mammo

6mm irregular hypoechoic mass on u/s. Malignancy? Infected cyst?
2x14g core biopsies


I will ring a nurse up I think as its stressing me out.

I think you need an answer from your onc or surgeon. If it was there all the time or if it’s a new finding. They are the only ones that can answer your question and put your mind at ease. It is a lot to take in in that first appointment so good to go back with clear questions so you are not stressed as could have been something that they knew about all along but that the tumour took priority in conversations.
Hope you get some answers! The worrying and how we can spiral in our minds by not having all the information is terrible so sooner you have the info the better. Good luck. X

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I did try and question it but just got dismissed by my BCN sadly not seeing a surgeon now unless I need more surgery after my 15th March surgery results and oncologist appointment not in sight yet.

Its not a new finding as it was at the beginning of my diagnosis this report was from my initial first biopsy after screening.

Its all rather bizarre.

If it was there all the time ie in first diagnosis and you had surgery such as an mx all the tissue would have been removed anyhow so maybe this is ok then?
I would push for an answer before that. It can’t hurt to ask.

I had a lumpectomy. I will ring them tomorrow as sadly ive got extremely painful cording already from my surgery. Its been bad from thr beginning so wasn’t 100% iy was cording but you can see it now :tired_face:

Hi @kat-jack, you’re at the most difficult part right now. Biopsy and initial imaging gives an indication of treatment plan, but it’s the surgical results that are more complete and dictate your path forward.
My imaging, biopsy and surgical pathologies didn’t match very well (imaging & biopsy = lobular and ductal, no nodes; surgical = pure lobular and nodes). Even now, 1.5 years down the line, I go back and read both reports to make sense of it all and to question whether something was missed and if I had the correct treatment :thinking:
As everyone above has advised, ask as much as you need to when you get your results - write them down, and also keep asking as you move through your treatment journey. I’m sure my doctors roll their eyes when they see my name on their list, but they DO understand that some people want to know everything (while others don’t want to know anything) and my surgeon told me that they tailor their conversation per individual.
If you’re still worried after your results consultation, perhaps you could ask for a second opinion. Having said that, treatment plans are decided by an MDT - ie multiple clinicians - so hopefully that will give you some reassurance :heart:
Thinking of you, and wishing all the best - do let us know how you get on.
(also, as you may already know, there is a section on this forum for DCIS, which may have similar stories)

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Hi Kat-Jack,

Totally understand your worries here. Doesn’t sound as if your BC nurse has been very helpful. It’s not unusual at all for things to look a bit different from the initial
Biopsies. The post op histology results can be more detailed and other changes can often be found that they didn’t pick up in the original biopsy.

My situation was this. I knew I had a small invasive and two areas of DCIS but after my mastectomy they found LCIS too and didn’t even tell me. Like you, I only found out when I asked for a copy of the report. My invasive was also bigger than they initially thought.

As long as they are happy they’ve got good margins then that’s the most important thing. When you see your surgeon they will explain everything. Do contact the BC nurse again for reassurance. Wishing you well. x

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Thanks for all your messages.

Been a bit of a crazy week. Had horrid cording from surgery and seroma so went to hospital again.

Spoke to a lovely registrar who also thought it was all rather bizarre as it clearly stated DCIS on report so she questioned the lab to find out exactly what was going on.

Turns out as my surgeon rang me last night… My 8mm tumour was removed clear margins. Have tiny amounts in one lymth node the other was clear it is now grade 2 not 1. I also have a DCIS !! Now going for more surgery he has recommended a full mastectomy as in his words it was a mess in there and it needs to be removed.

So I’m now having a double mastectomy in around 4 weeks time. Have another appointment with him on Friday so hopefully will get to find out what actually happened. :ok_hand:

Dear Kat-jac,

What can one say, totally unacceptable, my heart goes out to you. Take one day at a time, wishing you well going forward.

Love Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:

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