just a quick question, have been reading some comments on here bout the trials of having to buy underwear after having reconstruction. i’ve just had a mastectomy and tram flap reconstruction - is it better to wear high knickers with support?? as i haen’t been told this by my BCN’s???

Hi Gemma, I had a tram reconstruction a few months ago, and the surgeon and the reconstruction nurse told me to wear support pants, I had a selection of styles, and am now (strangely!) totally hooked on them and always wear them even now 9 months on. Different surgeons/nurses seem to recommend different things, some hospitals seem to give ‘girdles’ to their patients, so it does depend.
Good luck, hope you are feeling ok.

thanx for replying. i’ve got my check up today with the consultant to see how i’m healing so i’ll mention it to my BCN today. although the thought of going into town isn’t appealing - by the time i get home i’m exhausted!

Hi Gemma
I had a mx with immediate free tram flap recon nearly 6 weeks ago and underwear has certainly been a trial. I have been wearing big sloggy pants (4 for £16!) and they are comfy with some support but they’re not like ‘magic knickers’ - I don’t know if they would be better - no one has really given me much info. Bras have been much more of a problem and have now got two types - sloggy crop top things which don’t give any shape but are comfy, to begin with but by after tea time I can’t wait to get everything off and put on a nightie and dressing gown! I also have horrible ‘special’ ones with hooks at front and are really reinforced - like putting on a harness at the back. They give a bit more shape but again can only wear for a few hours. So far can’t wear any of my oldones - even though I pulled out all the underwires. Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.

I got some sports bras in TKmaxx the nurse said it was ideal, I wsnt advisd about pants though I do have a couple of big pairs. I will ask at my check up next week.
MandS do sports bras but they are £20
In fact I have the crop top thing adidas they are not actually bras.