This is the first time I have ever wrote on one of these forums so I am not quite used to it at the moment, Basically a close family member has had breat cancer and is finding it difficult to get her feminimity back.

I am also a student studying at a top fashion university and I have taken it upon myself to research heavily into this topic as part of my degree. I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem in trying to find nice good quality, pretty and sexy specialist lingerie. I would love to hear everyone elses opinions as so far I only have one person to speak to. Please let me know what you think.

ummm … generally best to wear some??

sorry for flip comment - the page was blank when i looked first.

There are a couple of threads on here (ok i started one!!) which i will try and find and give u the titles - put mastectomy bras into search box and it may pop up. My issue was about sizing mainly because i’m not huge at 36E but few of the online websites/shops offer much choice over 36DD. Other site users have said that they have similar probs at the A end.

I had a lovely collection of pretty underwear pre mastectomy - now i need a ‘firm edge’ at the front and none of those bras would be any use at all so into the charity bag they went. What i wear at the moment is hideous and ‘serviceable’. i have tried buying on line and they don’t fit.

I am not a shrinking violet but i don’t want to have to walk into a shop and have to say i need a specialist bra… it cues gratuitous hugs/sympathy which i don’t want. I just want to buy a bra!

apols again for the flip comment


the thread was

mastectomy bras - why do so few come in larger sizes


I saw your question and thought I would say hello and let you know my problem with bras. I had WLE/SNB and am now approx a cup and a half smaller on the affected side. I am 36D on one side and 36B and a half on the other. What I would like is a bra with different cup sizes so I am supported on both sides without having to put a prosethis in a pocket in the reduced side. (it doesnt really bother me I am lopsided)
Also cant wear bras with underwiring on surgery side as my SNB scar is right in the wire line so perhaps that would be an option too.
Completely understand Jennifers comment about hugs/sympathy and am seriously condisering going to London and visiting Rigby and Peller for a couple of made to measure bras as cant find anything like I want, even on line. Currently wearing cropped tops from Debenhams post rads and looking in the boxes in the garage for my sewing machine to alter some none wired M&S bras.
Good luck with your project we need you!!!. Shonagh x

hey shonagh - maybe we should land on R and P together!!!

or get a coach full!!

Hi Jennifer

Your relative may find Breast Cancer Care’s publication, ‘A confident choice’ helpful to read. It contains information about buying bras and clothing following breast surgery and has a list of specialist bra companies at the back, here’s the link:


Hope this helps.

Best wishes

Hi rjenr2

Now that would be a sight to see, I saw a documentary on them once and they seemed really nice, not sure how they would feel about a charabang full of odd boobs thoug. LOL!! I suppose if they fit out the queen they must be doing something right. I may suggest a trip to London for my 40th to the OH and see just how much it costs!!!

S x

Dear RebeccaLouise,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago and had a mastectomy. (I’ve since had a delayed reconstruction.)

I remember weeping after trying to get bras and going to M&S and being offered the most awful, appalling white, voluminous, laceless, graceless objects clearly designed for someone aged at least 120 years old. I later discovered companies such as Amoena and NicolaJane that sell bras for women with mastectomies.

These companies do sell nice bras but they’re aimed at probably a 30+ or even a 40+ market and are not very youthful or funky.

One thing these companies don’t sell is negligees. I think that there could be a serious market for fantastic nightwear - designed with or without pockets so that people with or without BC could have them, or so women with BC could have a choice about whether they want to wear a prosthesis at night or not. And I think this kind of thing is important because women who have had BC need to feel and know that they are sexy.

Other stuff I found difficult to get was serious swimware (for a person who prefers swimming to simply sunbathing), and tops that weren’t either too plunging or so high that they hid my collarbone (I have a very nice collarbone).

If you are going to do this please think about functionality - some stuff just doesn’t work - but also think about silk, lace, leather and, dare I say it, ATTITUDE.

Best wishes, Sue

Hi RebeccaLouise,

There are never pretty mastectomy bras in AA cup! Why do even the specialist providers (I’m thinking Amoena, Nicola Jane) think all we want are T shirt bras in black, white or nude? When you are small to begin with, and then have a mastectomy too there is a desperate need to feel feminine again.

I also agree with Sue about the swimwear. I need a serious swimmer’s costume with a pocket.

i agree with what has been said. I have not had a mastectomy but have had a WLE. I agree that M&S post surgery bras are absolutely hideous. I bought one before I went had surgery and have only worn it once and it is going on ebay. It has four hooks. I’ve only had a bit cut out of my boob, I don’t need a crane!!! I love underwired bras but they just dig in so no good. I would like some nice support bras with a wide bit that doesnt dig in the bottom of my breast, as thats where the scar is. Currently wearing M&S secret support camisole vest things. They’re ok but no where near as good as a bra

Please, please, please - design some great looking, pretty, sexy and wearable bras for all of us that have had breast surgery - I am currently in middle of chemo following wide exicsion and continue to wear my ‘nice’ bras because I don’t feel ‘me’ without them - but must admit - underwired are uncomfortable and probably should not be wearing them as they do cause a lot of ‘digging in’ and know I won’t be able to continue when I have radiotherapy.

If you design something great - you’ll make a fortune and lots of ladies a little happier! Good luck.

Janey x

Hi RebeccaLouise

I am 38DD Have recently(last 2 weeks) had WLE( wide local excision)so a quarter of my breast has been taken away.My surgeon has done a fantastic job in re-shaping my breast and my scar is around the outside.Until the swelling goes down I won’t know what size I will be. Looking for new bra sizes had not crossed my mind, as had enough to deal with, but in the next few months I guess I will be looking Also on the negligee side I am going on my honeymoon in July - We got married in Oct and I was diagnosed the week before and started chemo the weds after -so looking forward to having our time together.

Go for it there is an opportunity for you


i would love some pretty non wired bras in my size -i am a 38 E. They can do pretty nursing bras so why not non wired ones. All the ones in Marks seem to stop at a DD Cup as do most places


I think that the sort of designs that would be useful would be ones similar to the ones used in “Marlies Dekkers” bras and bikinis. Lots of straps to cover scars and loss of cleavage while emphasising other places such as legs, hips, waists and shoulders.

I desperately wanted a pink bra following my mastectomy but could n’t find one. Also I’d love to be able to find some red underwear (not maroon, proper red!) I’d love to be able to walk into a store and buy lovely sexy underwear off the shelf like everyone else. Not have to go to a specialist shop that has to order my size in and can only get it in black, white and nude. Or only be able to buy mail order and pay rediculous prices. The high street stores that stock mastectomy bras all seem to have the same designers as their bras are uniformly ugly and frumpy.


Hi RebeccaLouise,
Don’t stop at underwear!! I had a mastectomy 3 years ago, no recon, and it’s left me with a dent, so I can’t wear anything low or V neck. That’s OK for day stuff, but glam stuff is really hard to find… everything has low necks and thin straps, no good for me at all. Even the camisoles sold by Amoena etc are too low.
Let us know how you get on,