Underwired bras after Mx and LD flap

I had Mx and LD flap done in mid Sept, still wearing pull on bras which are great, but find it a bit upsetting going into my “bra” drawer and seeing all the lovely options just sitting  there. I always wore underwired bras and wonder will I ever ever be able to wear them in the future? I have tried but it is really uncomfortable, and wondered if I would be better just getting rid of them now if I am never going to be able to wear them again. Even after a few years perhaps?  Some of them are even unworn :frowning:

Really looking for some advice from women who have been through these ops a few years ago. My new boob consists of a small implant and the back muscle at the armpit side. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Kitten Mad,

I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication A confident choice, which discusses clothing following breast operations, I hope you find it helpful.


Here’s also the link to the area of this website where BCC’s lingerie evenings are discussed:


I hope you find this helpful.  Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi K M,
I’m in the same position as you, LD flap and implant but mine was done a little earlier in July. I know some surgeons say wait a year before trying an under wired bra but mine said I could wear one if I wanted. I tried a few weeks ago and it was very uncomfortable but tried again just a few days ago and it was much better. I couldn’t wear it all day though and I felt it didn’t give as much support but was so nice to wear something normal again. I have found a post surgery bra which is a good compromise though. An Anita bra called Nastasja which has a band underneath, gives
medium support and shape and is quite pretty. I also got a Bestform padded bra which evens out the difference in size of the 2 sides. Don’t throw your bras out yet, I’m sure in a few more weeks you will be able to wear them, I think it takes time for the muscle to relax and the implant to drop. Hope your recovery is going well.
Helen xx

So glad to have found this thread. I had mx and ld flap operation in June this year and I have found it really difficult to get to talk to others who have had the same operation and who understand what I have been going through. I am still wearing sports bras and am not sure when I am going to be able to wear a normal bra. I still feel that I need the comfort and support of a larger bra even though they are horrible and unattractive. :mansad:  

After 4 year of cotton tops and mastectomy bras and sports bras went mad this xmas and have lovely new undies and bras in the drawer. Wasnt allowed to wear underwires for ages as I had mx then reconstruction 18 months later but am now going through the colour palette in choosing new ones. I threw out my old ones half way through as was upsetting to see them but its only meant I had to get all new :smileyhappy: Hubby says its great to see me in something other then black, white and nude colours, I agree. Hang in there you’ll get back to them. xx

Went to see surgeon yesterday and he has booked me in for some cosmetic work at the end of February. He is going to make a nipple out of the breast skin (which is really the back skin) and tattoo around it, also to get some Lypofill from my thighs to round off the impant to make it match better. Operation around 2 - 3 hours, anyone has this done, and how long did you have to stay at home for afterwards?  

I know this is really sad - but I am quite excited about this, although I have dreaded the other three!

K M x

Hi there, I just wondered I have had the same surgery in dec. Still having a seroma drained so chemo is delayed…Has everything settled down being 3 month ahead of me?