Underwired Bra's?

Having been through the horrid journey of Mx, chemo, Rads and recently had a DIEP/TRAM reconstruction I was wondering if anyone had views on underwired Bra’s. When i saw my consultant (PS) on Tuesday now 8 weeks after my reconstruction he told me I could wear normal bra’s now (no more sports Bra’s hurrah) and said I could wear underwired if I wanted. Me being me went out and bought some lovely sexy, lacy underwired, tried them on and they look fantastic - I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be able to wear the sort of things I used to wear! but I have been talking to a few ladies and done a bit of ‘google’ there are some views that Underwired Bra’s are a factor in getting breast cancer but there does not seem to be any evidence to this - but more importantly there does seem to be a link between Lympheodema and underwired Bra’s and they can make the condition worse or even set it off. Obviously now I am so far down the line I don’t want to have any more complications (no Lympheodema as yet) and am now having second thoughts about my lovely underwired Bra’s and take them back - any personal experiences on this?

Hi pat,
Glad to see things are in track for you now.

Consultants are SO different arent they? My PS specifically told me to stay with firm sports bras till three months post op and that the shape would still be settling down until about four months. So far I’ve been good but i am planning to wear a strapless bra for a do tonight…then back into the full on model. Some ladies also seem to be told to sleep in support bras for many months afterwards.

I’ve read a lot of ladies saying the underwire wasn’t comfortable post mx because of its cutting in, but hadn’t seen any comments about them causing breast cancer. I suppose anything that restricts your circulation might increase the risk of lymphodoema so maybe it depends how tight or restrictive the underwiring is, and where it gets you?

I can’t wait to get out my regular bras but right now my refilled boob takes up too much cup size so hoping to get to a better fit by the end of next month…

Hello both, glad you’re moving on to a phase where you feel able to choose more glam undies again.

I think the underwires cause cancer thng is an ‘old wives tale’ but I think that the ‘digging in’ can be problematic for some people. I was told ‘no underwires’ but again, all PS are different in their idiosyncracies… mine does not want anything to spoil her handiwork!

Most of the time I stick with my boring sports bras as they are the most comfy!

Hi ladies
I had my mx and LD recon nov 2010, reduction to healthy boob April 2011 and have been wearing underwired bras since June 2011 which my breast care nurse and ps are perfectly happy with as long as they fit well and are comfortable. They did suggest that I was measured properly so I had a lovely afternoon in Rigby and Peller… I have spent a small fortune on very pretty underwear in the last 9 months but reckon that I deserve it!!!

Hi ladies, I had a DIEP reconstruction on 10th November. I met with the plastic surgeon last week and was told I could go back to wearing normal bras - no mention of underwires and I didn’t think to ask. I was just so relieved for a bit of normality! I wear a strappy top with the support built-in at night.