Uneven Breasts

I’m 38 and 3 years ago had breast cancer. fortunately I was able to keep my breasts, however have been left with one alot smaller than the other. This is ruining my life and would like to know is surgery possible to correct this. I would really like an enlargement of both my breasts. Please help

I had central mastectomy nearly three years ago and my breast is very much smaller now.It doesn’t really bother me but I am 10 years older than you.I have padding to put in my bra.When I last saw my Oncologist he said I could have surgery if I wished to make them even this would be done by making my good breast smaller.I’m not sure if you would get enlargement of both breasts on the NHS,but it may be worth asking your Oncologist.

Mel xx

I see no reason why you couldn’t get enlargement of both, as long as your reqested size was reasonable with your frame. I have had a recon this year, I was previously a AA, and my PS automatically asked me if I wanted an implant in my other side too. He said I could go up to a D with my frame, and would have been happy to do that for me. I just wanted to be restored to my pre-children self, so am now an A/B.

Thanks for your comments. Im due to see the cancer team in November so will ask them then. I don’t mean to sound vain but after cancer my marriage broke up after 20 years and I just need to feel confident again. x

Hi,sorry about your marriage break up and you don’t sound vain at all.This cancer takes so much from us and it is important that you feel good and confident again.Wishing you all the best Mel xx

Can sympathise with you entirely, and don’t think you’re being vain. Although I’d been warned, I was surprised how much it upset me once I was actually faced with the asymmetric appearance. I had breast lift type surgery on the side with cancer, to avoid the typical WLE scar, and I’m now going to have the similar shape made on the other side to match, before I go back to work. Worrying about how it looks has damaged my confidence and I need to regain my confidence to cope with my job in a very male-dominated environment. Don’t know how the docs would feel about putting implants in someone who has had cancer - think I read somewhere that it’s not recommended because it can make future mammograms more difficult?
Sarah x

I fully understand. I feel awful when I’m in a swimsuit and can’t hide the asymmetry so well. I’m thinking of asking for a lift on the good side to match - but I don’t want anyone messing with the WLE side.
Nicky x

hi, I was also dx 3yrs ago (aug 07) i had 2 wle, chemo, rads and herceptin, the difference got more noticable as time went on and started to get me down so i discussed it with my breast surgeon and had a reduction and uplift on my ‘good’ side in june this year and it has turned out to be a pretty good match size wise, i must admit that i was very nervous about having it done and was shocked how high and swollen it looked at first but 3 months later it looks really good.I went down from D cup to C cup so i don’t know about enlargement but im sure your onc/surgeon will be happy to advise you, Good Luck…Mizzy xx

Hi Mizzy

I have just had reconsruction on my left breast last week having a lumpectomy 2 years ago, this left my breast much smaller than my right one. My surgeon put in a implant and done a reconstruction on the left and uplifted the one on the right. Both areas are still swollen and firstly I cried for 3 days after it was done, not sure why because it looks much better than it did previously. (no more chicken fillets)
Please talk to your Breast cancer nurse and she will advise you.

Take care bye for now.

Dor Dor

I have just been to see the plastic surgeon regarding my uneven sizes, and to say the least he was not very helpful, advised that they do not do implants, as this makes mammogrammes harder to check,(but I thought they done them by ultrasound if you had a boob job?) said the lyposuction method was also not suitable for a wide local excission are, and only offered me a reduction in the good breast, not what I wanted… my operation sight has caused the nipple to be poining at a different angle, I am not confident with the chicken fillet, have totally changed in myself, less confidence and feel disfigured! I just got the impression that if I got out the cheque book I could have whatever I wanted done!. Its making me very unhappy and all the way through my treatment, 2 ops, chemo and rads they assured me that I could have surgery to correct, now they have moved the goalposts again. Awaiting a consultation with breast care nurse now, does anybody have any ideas on alternative surgery other than reduction

I haven’t had a mammo post recon yet, but I remember from previous ones that the appointment letter asks you to tell them if you have implants.

I’ve had an implant in my good side to match the recon - I had asked the PS about lipofil instead but he was very uncertain about this due to future mammograms and how the lipofil would affect this, but was totally unconcerned about an implant.

I don’t know what your surgeon is talking about!? Mammograms can be done with implants. You have to pre-warn them as there is a risk that the implant may get damaged.

I’m seeing my surgeon this week. An implant on the unaffected side to ‘match up’ was always an option from the beginning.

Thanks, maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!, I have been contacted by my Breast Care Nurse to make an appt to see her, and I am definatly going to discuss my worries and options with her, may be if my PS is still not prepared to do a balance op other than reduction I will ask for a second opinion. Thanks for your comforting words.


I had a lumpectomy 4 years ago in my right breast, after radiotherapy it has shrunk and slightly misshapen.

I supose I’m lucky because I live in a smaller community and have been offered right mastopexy (trying to correct the shape) but I’m thinking not to have this procedure. Also, a left reduction as my left breast is a lot bigger.

I know I’m lucky to have been offered this operation without asking, but I am finding it difficult to make up my mind, whether or not to have it done.

Would welcome your experiences …xxSarniexx

I hope this does not seem to early to worry or just silly, I had a WLE nearly 2 weeks ago and have just look at my breats in the mirror I am large in the bust depatment unlucky for me but the breast that i had the WLE on looks much and perkier for lack of a better word than the other that looks its normal dropper self will they go back to there normal size or is the look for the rest of my life Im not at all vain but very self consices about but large bust size.

Hi Terri

Of course you’re not being silly worrying about what you’re going to look like long term. I must have inspected everything in the mirror at least ten times a day over the first few weeks after surgery!

I had a lumpectomy with reduction mammoplasty (i.e. a boob reduction and lift) on 20th July and that has left me with one perky lifted boob and one natural, sagging one. The BC boob has reduced further in size since the operation as all the swelling and inflammation has died down, and the nipple is now sitting in a lower, more natural position for the same reason. This has made the difference even greater, now around 3 cup sizes - my tumour turned out to be 3cm so they had to remove quite a bit. I’m told that the rads will probably make it shrink more, gradually over the years to come.
Unlike Sarnie, I work for a big company where I’m mixing with a lot of colleagues and clients all the time, so I need to feel confident within myself. So I’m having a reduction and lift operation on the non-BC side ASAP, 'cos I hate looking so uneven. This will probably be early Nov, once the short term rads effects have settled down, but I’m hoping to push it earlier since I’ve had so little reaction to rads.
Sarah x

Good luck with your operation Sarah. I hope you manage to get it sooner. debx