unexpected loss

unexpected loss

unexpected loss I finished treatment in March and been trying to get some normality back, was doing really well. Back to work, did moonwalk 2 weeks ago and felt great. On sunday had a lovely day with family enjoying the sunshine and took our dog Charlie for a walk to take my daughters friend home, on the way Charlie still on his lead stepped into the road got hit by a van and died immediately. We are all devastated, it happened so quickly I think we’re all still in shock, I know that people on here are going through worse things but It’s as if we’ve lost a family member, he was nearly 7 and perfectly fit and well everyone always thought he was a puppy. I’m sure there are many dog owners here who will understand how we feel and I’m hoping to feel better for posting.

Love Lisa

So sorry for you Lisa
I really feel for you. Our cat was killed by a car right after my first chemo treatment. It is so difficult when you are already dealing with the complex emotions around your own illness and mortality. It was painful for everyone. The kids were very tearful for a while. It forced us all to face some hard realities about life.
My thoughts are with you.

My mom and dad’s dog died a month ago and I was so upset for them as the dog meant everything to them and i know they were broken hearted…and i was too, she was 13 and became ill so had to be put to sleep.
Its horrible to loose a much loved pet, my lovely cat also had to be put to sleep about 18 months ago, she was 17 and I still miss her everyday…It is tragic thou to loose a pet in such a horrible way and its no wonder you are so upset…I hope you feel better soon…


Sorry to hear of your loss. I have two dogs - both quite old now - 15 and 13 years old and the thought of losing them would be terrible so I can imagine how you feel. The older one got ill the day after I had my last appointment with the consultant which marked the end of treatment for me - instead of worrying about me I was worried about him for a change - he recovered thankfully but it was scary esp given his age. Hope you have lots of good memories of Charlie.

Chloe x


I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I know how very difficult it is when we lose such a close friend and family member. It is devastating and even worse when they are mere teenagers.

We may have 34 of the monsters but every time we lose one we go through just the same.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Lynn x

Very sad So sorry to hear about Charlie, I know how you must be feeling, we lost ours 2 months ago under different circumstances but I’am still not over it.

Its hard enough when they are old and have had a good life but with younger dogs its even worse. The first thing people say to me is “will you be having another one as if they can be replaced just like that, no doubt we will eventually but it takes time.

Hope you do feeling better for posting, wish there was something I could say to help but I know there is’nt.

Take care.


Hi Lisa,

sorry to hear about Charlie.
totally understand how upset you must be feeling.

Jessica, our 2 year old cocker spaniel, is part of our family too. She has been my constant companion throughout 18 months of treatment and I cannot imagine not having her around.

I am so sorry for your loss.
Love to you and your family

Thankyou all for your messages it does help to talk to other people and know you understand. Jackie, Charlie was a cocker spaniel, they are so loyal, he always knew when I was down and a perfect companion whilst I was off work. He would have followed me anywhere which makes me feel worse I feel as if I have let him down. Thankyou all again I know time is a great healer and it will get easier.

Love Lisa

Hi Lisa I am so so sorry to hear about Charlie i cant stop thinking about you as we have a little Jack Russell who is 4 and he is gorgeous his name is Ben and we love him so much. He comes everywhere with us as he loves the car so much. He also seems to know when I have my bad days when I lie down after my chemo. Hecomes up with me and doesnt leave my side So I do feel so much for your I do hope things get a lot easier for you but I know its easier said than done Please Take Care I do hope it gets easier Love Linda xxxxxxxx