unexplained bruising

Hi I have already started my first discustion.

Does anyone else get bruising around the time of there menstrul cycle. About a week before my period is due i get bruising on my calfs, there really quite bad at times some the size of a cup and deep purple and others about the size of a finger tip… I also have discharge out of my right nipple… does anyone else have this or am i being paranoid. I have not mentioned the bruises to my doctor yet but not sure its even related…

If anyone can let me no if they have ever experienced this or has heard of it. or even just to say they think i am making something outa nothing.

Would really appreciate your comments.

Thanks L x x

Hi Liz

You should definitely see your GP and get a blood test to see what’s causing the bruising and the discharge. Could be totally unrelated but needs checking out. could be that your periods are making you anaemic or interfering with the blood clotting mechanism so needs sorting as does the discharge.