Unsatisfactory Symmetrising Operation

2 years ago I had right breast therapeutic mammoplasty as part of my cancer treatment. I have excellent aesthetic result on the right hand side. 10 months ago I had symmetrising left mammoplasty procedure to match the right breast. The outcome of this cosmetic procedure left me with uneven, totally unproportioned shape. There is significant difference in shape and size. Now I wear partial shapers. Moreover there is a dip when laying down in the medial aspect of my areola. Breasts do not match each other.


The hospital responce is not acceptable: “The breast reduction undertaken on the left side was felt to be an appropriate volume match to your right breast in theatre”. During the surgery I was sat up to ensure symmetry and volume match. It was obvious to me minutes after I woke up after the surgery my left breast felt much smaller than the right. I told medical staff about it straight away, they however  tried to persuade me that the operation went OK. 


I am so devastated now, completely lost confidence in the hospital, antidepressants do not help much. Could you Ladies suggest any good and honest plastic surgeon(s) who would be impartial without ever covering previous surgeons botched job? I do not mind travelling either within the UK or France-Belgium-Germany as long as I could find the right cosmetic surgeon. 

Hi mrey300, 

I am sorry to hear you are going through this difficult time and I am sure users will be sharing their experiences and showing their support soon.

I have moved your post to the Surgery board to give users more of a chance to respond. If you would like to talk you can also call our helpline at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to listen and offer some information.

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I had a mastectomy and immediate DIEP flap reconstruction and am very pleased with the reconstructive and plastic surgeon who did the reconstruction. If you PM me, I will send you her details.

I was wonky for years,following single mastectomy,just wore a protheses,and got on with life.Dx the other side,so had bi lateral mastectomy,to even me out,both implants failed.Had DIEP and still one side is smaller than the other,and also have some lymphoedema …but realise,I am alive,very well…and after 11 operations,decided this is it…and very happy with everything.

Oh no, I shouldn’t be reading this as I’m in for replacement implant later today plus uplift on good side to match. Have been deliberating over having possible unnecessary surgery, but feel I need to give it a go for my mental well being and self confidence.

Sounds like you’ve made the right decision for you, Riversidedawn. All the very best for today.x

Hi mrey300, I’m sorry to hear your distress.

I had a right breast diep flap reconstruction last year which was smaller than my G cup left breast. I had a reduction and uplift 2 weeks ago to match them up and my initial reaction is that the left is now smaller than the right. My surgeon told me to wait and see how the left breast changes with gravity so I have to be patient. The real test for me will be whether I can get a good fitting bra when the surgery is healed; I have been in a surgical bra for so long with such different sized breasts. If i can’t get a bra to fit properly then I want more surgery!

Its hard to come to terms with all these changes. I was quite happy with my breasts the way they were originally. I’ve been looking at breast reduction images on line and the breasts don’t look identical so I am trying to convince myself that as with eyebrows, breasts are sisters and not twins! AND my newly designed breasts are cancer free :) 

I wish you all the best with what you decide to do going forward X.