Unsatisfactory Symmetrising Operation

2 years ago I had right breast therapeutic mammoplasty as part of my cancer treatment. I have excellent aesthetic result on the right hand side. 10 months ago I had symmetrising left mammoplasty procedure to match the right breast. The outcome of this cosmetic procedure left me with uneven, totally unproportioned shape. There is significant difference in shape and size. Now I wear partial shapers. Moreover there is a dip when laying down in the medial aspect of my areola. Breasts do not match each other.


The hospital responce is not acceptable: “The breast reduction undertaken on the left side was felt to be an appropriate volume match to your right breast in theatre”. During the surgery I was sat up to ensure symmetry and volume match. It was obvious to me minutes after I woke up after the surgery my left breast felt much smaller than the right. I told medical staff about it straight away, they however  tried to persuade me that the operation went OK. 


I am so devastated now, completely lost confidence in the hospital, antidepressants do not help much. Could you Ladies suggest any good and honest plastic surgeon(s) who would be impartial without ever covering previous surgeons botched job? I do not mind travelling either within the UK or France-Belgium-Germany as long as I could find the right cosmetic surgeon. 

I had a smaller breast following mastectomy some years ago,after 2 implants,(the first one failed.)I had a little protheses for years enabling me to be symmetrical.Then got cancer the other side.Had several surgeries as had implants both sides…they kindly offered to pop a new one in.Both failed ended up with DIEP.Now have half decent boobs,however,have scar tissue in tummy…so gave to wear corsets or Spanx to keep my tummy flat.This has not been easy,but as time goes by,the problem is getting smaller,other things fill my life …you may need to get used to the idea of being uneven,but my thought is;it is not cancer and am now fit and well.

Not sure if this will be of any help but I had left breast mastectomy with immediate silicon implant on 7 Dec. I’m have only small boobs and at 52, not as full as they used to be, so my reconstructed side is never going to look and feel the same as my right side but fully clothed in winter no one would notice. However I’m goi g to have to reconsider my summer wardrobe especially swimwear :confused: My consultant, however isn’t happy with how my implant is sitting and thinks it may have moved so after treatment (chemo and rads) she will look into operating again to either move it or change the shape. I feel lucky to have a consultant who takes pride in her work - maybe it’s because she’s female? (I’m in Shropshire (Telford) she’s Miss Rastall, I don’t know what her private capacity is as I’m NHS, but I assume she has a private clinic too.
I am reigned that I’ll never be totally symmetrical, but I knew this before surgery and for me the most important thing was to get rid of the cancer. Like I say, I’m 52, I may well have felt differently a few years back.
Hope this is helpful and you are able to get surgery you need.
Take care xxx