Unsure.....Estriol Cream for vaginal atrophy & cystitis

Hi Everyone, This is my second & last year on Exemestane, prev 3 years on tamoxifen and to be honest I will be glad to see the back of it. Intercourse has been impossible for years as the pain is terrible, I feel as if I am ripping apart inside even a smear test was really awful. Last year my onc said that I could have the cream to improve things but when my doctor got her letter he refused to give me any because of the breast cancer. I have recently had cystitis symptoms on & off for ages with no bacteria present in my water so I went to the same doctor again and he has given me Gynest Cream (Estriol)to apply thinly in that area.

This has left me very cofused, first he wouldn’t hear of me having this cream but now he just gave it to me without asking. I was so shocked I never really said much to him, not sure if it works how long to use it for or anything and I’m scared if this is the right thing to do.

Has anyone else been prescribed this cream? any comment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Burnie.

Hi Burnie

I was prescribed Gynest Cream by my gynaecologist prior to an op last year ( been on tamoxifen since April 09). He said he wanted me to be as young on the inside as on the outside!! When I questioned him , as my c was 8/8 oestrogen +, he said a weeks useage would do no harm but that I should not use long term. I checked this with both my GP & Oncologist who both agreed that I should only use for the 7 days prior to the op.
Hope this helps! Bethy x

Hi All, Had my Bc late 2007 , followed by chemo & rads 2008. I am nearly four years in to Tamoxefin. Picked up on your comments on Oestrogen cream. I am so sore (vulva) I actually bleed, see my Gp beg of May and was going to ask her about topical oestrogen. Viewing your comments looks as if the answer might be no. Any one have any solutions to this problem. I use canesten but it does not solve the problem .

Hi ladies,

I was post menopausal before diagnosis and a dry vagina was a problem not only for me but lots of my friends too - particularly noticable for smears when they changed to the plastic instrument that doesn’t seem to slide at all. Anyway I tried all sorts of things and finally found a propolis gel that works for me and for several of my friends too. Propolis is the stuff that bees make to keep the hive sterile and it’s natural, soothing and seems to keep me moisurised and comfy. I buy propolis gel from a company called sbc (simply beautiful cosmetics)- usually from ebay or qvc (ebay is cheaper) and I figure that it’s natural and won’t hurt if it doesn’t work and is not hormonal. I also haven’t had thrush since i started using it which was always a problem before. I also used it on my surgery scar and it healed beautifully & on my head when I had funny red spots when I lost my hair and they cleared up within a couple of days- I’m going to use it when I get to radiotherapy too. Hope this is useful!


Hi Jackie, Thanks for your message, I’m going to look at this Propolis Gel on the net now. Its very hard to know what to think about what is best but if that is totally natural it’s worth a whirl.I have tried a very tiny smear of the Estriol cream a couple of times but can’t stop worrying & thinking about it. I liked the sound of Repadina ovules because you just pop one in at night, no messs etc, I know its got preservatives in but also a lot of good things like Alo Vera but I cant find many stockist yet. Anyawy thanks again. Burnie xx