Unsure of explanation


I went to one stop clinic yesterday - I’ve got to wait for a mammo referral - but my interim diagnosis is that weight loss caused the problem.

The problem being an indentation down the side of the areola on 1 breast. The best description I can give of this is that it initially looked like I’d pressed my little finger into it then rolled it up so that at the end there was a small circular indentation and it’s left a permanent impression - it was barely 1cm wide and about 2cm long with a separate round top about 1cm in diameter. I say initially because after 7 weeks it is now wider it’s no deeper - probably only about a mm. It shows more when I’m standing and it almost makes it look like the areola has shrunk/disappeared in some lights. The skin in the dip is smooth and slightly pink not realy like that of the areola.

I am 50 - which apparently may be a contributory factor, but thinking about it the weight loss reason is hard to take on board, especially as it was only 7lb in February/March bringing my weight down to a very slim 14stone (lol). The indentation didn’t appear til end of August.

When told a reason like this I think the initial reaction is relief its nothing seroius then you start to think about and question it.

I have had eczema in this breast which was checked out 3 years ago.

Has this happened to anyone else and been given the same reason for it happening?

Any thoughts apreciated


Hi Sandra,

Sorry I can’t help but I am replying so that your post gets back to the top and hopefully someone will reply.

If no-one has an answer for you then phone the helpline here where there are trained staff for you to speak to.

Hope all is well.


Thanks Emmbee

I’ll try posting in another section as well.


Hi Sandra

Please feel free to call our helpline where you can talk through your concerns with someone in confidence on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes