Unsure of Skin Changes symptom



I will start by saying I have an appointment to see my GP, but really am not sure if I’ll be wasting her time


A few years ago I had a funny kind of indent on my areola - looked like the imprint of my little finger.


I had it investigated and was basically told it was the wrong type of indent and I ended up feeling I was a time waster - although she did praise me for being breast aware


Anyway, over the years the skin on the breast has continued to change in that the indent in the areola has spread outwards, the skin looks slightly paler and looks slightly sort of indented


Because of my previous experience I’ve just accepted this and I wasn’t advised what to do about further changes


Just before Easter I was doing a breast check and was quite shocked that “the area” is now quite large - a triangle measuring about 3cms each side


I’m thinking it was the way the light caught it that time that made it show up initially, but I am quite shocked at the size now


I’ve dithered about booking the appointment cos of what happened last time, but I think it needs another look


Has anybody else experienced similar?


Any replies appreciated


Sandy x



Dont feel guilty about getting something that is worrying you looked at,it may be nothing at all sinister ,but if it is something that needs treating and you didn’t get it looked at you would kick yourself wouldn’t you .GP may well refer you to breast clinic for further investigation and that will hopefully put you mind at rest.Good luck!

Stick to your guns,your life ,your body,you want it looked at again .



I had my appointment with the GP and she said the skin change she can’t really see is OK and  that the breast with the problem feels nodular (which is normal) so checked other and apparently both feel the same


So she’s happy


Me? I’m not too sure what I think at this moment - I’m not too happy about a slow change with no explanation albeit not a classic symptom (nor being told for the 1st time that she can feel nodules) so will keep an eye on things 



I’m sure the GP would have played safe and referred you to the breast clinic if she had any doubts but if things change go back and ask to be referred.Jill