Unsure A couple of months ago i started getting really bad pain continuously in my left breast and had a small pea like lump.

I went to my gp twice who said it could be hormonal but refered me to the breast clinic.

Yesterday i went to the clinic but i am still worrying like hell.

The small pea like lump has gone and the consultant at the clinic said it could have been a blocked duct. My left breast feels lumpy and is extreamly painful however the doc said it could be my age and the start of the menopause. I am 46.

I had a mammogram and an U/sound on both breasts and i was told that they would not put me thru the needle test on this occassion.
I didnt see the consultant after these were done.
I was then told the results would be sent to me in the post.

I was also given their advice sheet on breast pain and told i should take evening primrose oil to help with the pain and to combat any hormonal changes.

I am still worried. My left breast feels alien to me can anyone else understand that feeling? Although it looks the same it feels hard and painful and although there is no discharge my nipple feels sensitive and sore.

Am i just worrying over nothing? Could the breast clinic have told me there and then the results without having to wait?
Should i have asked them?

Just to add I was told to go straight to them in future and not my gp if i any changes occur which on one hand is reassuring but on the other still a worry.

Breast pain I also experienced breast pain and had it for about six years. I found evening primrose oil made no difference whatsoever but I was relieved to find that pain is very unlikely to be a symptom of breast cancer. However, if you have lumpy dense breasts you do have a bit of an increased risk of getting breast cancer at some future point. If they couldn’t find any evidence of a lump other breast changes associated with the perimenopause (period leading up to the menopause) could be causing the pain. The tendency over forty is to develop fibrocystic changes i.e. fluidy lumps and breast tissue becoming fibrous. In my case I got a thing called sclerosing adenosis in which glandular tissue hardens, this can trap nerves I think leading to pain.
I eventually was diagnosed with breast cancer but the lump I got wasn’t painful and happened six years after I had pain. Tamoxifen cured the breast pain.

I’d keep an eye on your breasts and maybe ask for another ultrasound in six months time (under 50 mammograms don’t tend to pick up cancers as breast tissue is still too dense to show cancers up)


Hi cazza,

I think it is good that you have been told to go straight tothe breast clinic and not your gp in future. On a couple of points - in each instance with a tumour i have experienced breast pain so would utter a word of warning to anyone thinking that pain is not a symptom of bc. We are all different. Also I was dx at age 45 by mammogram which clearly picked up my cancer.

You do not say that you have had the results yet. I would say if you do not hear later next week I would certainly give them a ring. It seems that they have been thorough at the moment with the mammogram and ultrasound. Keep a close eye on yourself and if notice any changes dont be embarrassed to pick up the phone and contact them again.

lol dawnhc

Dear cazza1 I am sorry to read that you are feeling this way at the moment and would like to say that you are welcome to contact our confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000 for further support, information and advice to help you through this difficult time. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Breast Cancer Care have also published a booklet which you may find helpful to read containing information and advice about breast pain, you can read it via the following link:

breastcancercare.org.uk/docs/Breast Cancer Carebh_breastpain05_

I hope this is helpful to you.

Kind regards
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The consultant said they would send me the results within a week
but i only saw the consultant before the mammogram and ultrasound was done.
Will let you all know the outcome.


Hi Cazza I would say if you remain worried then go back to the clinic and/or ask for a second opinion. Better be sure than what happened to me which though unusual does happen. I was misdiagnosed after mammograms and ultrasounds 4 years ago in a breast clinic at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex. If you live in Essex you may vaguely remmber that there was a investigation widely circulated in the local press a couple of years back about errors made at that particular clinic. The consultant who misdiagnosed me will face a GMC Fitness to Practice Panel later this year.

Now such mistakes are fortunately unusual and I believe most breast centres in the NHS are superb but mistakes do happen so for your peace of mind please don’t hesitate to ask for another opinion.

Very best wishes


Still waiting for my results.

6 long days.

When the post came this morning i really thought the letter would be there.


RESULTS My results came in the post this morning and it says the tests show benign breast changes and are normal.

I let out a big sigh of relief and then several choice words!!!

What is it then that is making my boob so painful that it is unbearable???

If i phone the clinic will they be able to tell me anymore than that??