Unwanted wigs- what to do with them?

After I’d bought my 1st wig from the hospital I splashed out on a 2nd one from a professional wig salon. Unfortunately they fitted me with one that was too tight and even after stretching it was still too small-and exposed far too much bald neck. It’s too late to do anything about that - and I don’t want any money - just a good home for this unwanted (and expensive) mop!

I have contacted Headstrong and the orthotics dept of my hospital but it seems no-one is interested in 2nd hand wigs however pristine . Has anyone any thoughts on this? I’m sure there must be many, many more wigs-in-drawers; it just seems so wasteful.

Send it to the wig bank - wigbank.com - they will be very pleased to receive it.

Many thanks for this RoadRunner.

I am left wondering why the people I spoke to at Headstrong and the hospital couldn’t have told me about this.

other option is to send it to Trevor Sorbie at Mynewhair.org.uk who will use it for training purposes.

Thanks for that Gill but I have now sent my wig to the wig bank
I received a very grateful letter- so for me that was a better outcome than saving money for Trevor Sorbie!

I was wondering the same about head scarves. I have some lovely new ones which were too small for me when they arrived so I haven’t been able to wear. Is there somewhere we can send those that anyone has heard of?
Elinda x

I sent my free NHS wig to Wig Bank along with the polystyrene head, comb and wig shampoo. I had another one that I’d bought myself and sold it on Ebay no problem, including in the advert that it had been one of my hair options during cancer treatment.