Unwarranted worry?

Hi all, newbie on this forum after having lurked for a while.

To cut a long story short I’m currently waiting for biopsy results after ultrasound showed abnormal tissue that wasn’t textbook in appearance of any of the benign conditions. Both my GP and the consultant could not feel the lump and have assured me it is normal breast tissue. Radiologist had a slightly different tone and did not mention what she thought it was. She said my results would be back within a week and a half and didn’t waste any time in taking the samples away. After seeing her I went back to see the consultant who informed me that if I “ask the question” then ultrasound will reveal abnormality and false positives due to it’s sensitive nature. He then told me it wasn’t cancer and I would have the result in 4 weeks. You would think I would be jumping for joy…

I’m pretty concerned but now sure how warranted it is. I’m sure doctors don’t make a habit of making big statements like that if they aren’t convinced but at the same time why did the views between the radiologist and consultant differ so much…? I really wasn’t comfortable with the consultant which I don’t think is helping my angst!

If someone could tell me to get a grip that would be great ;D

Sorry your in the waiting room moominm (love the moomins btw)

why is it 4 weeks for the result… Most biopsy results take a week or maybe two at most but never heard of 4 weeks… Are you going back for results? Or does the consultant plan to send them out within 4 weeks… Maybe call your bcn and ask. For clarification… If consultant planning to send by post it sounds like hes fairly confident it will be nothing… but the radiologist is the one doing the biopsy so really is your consultant for that part of the journey… If they think its cancer they are meant to give you some indication eg a little worrying or looks a bit suspicious but its all sounding very much benign… However if they new with 100% certainty it was benign they wouldnt be doing a biopsy so there prob is a 0.1% chance it may not be but you really need to speak to your nurse.

it is recommended that following a biopsy you should really see a nurse regardless of whether they think it malignant or benign so she can explain it in more detail… Think your situation just goes to show how important it is to explain things properly.

hugs coming your way

lulu x

Hi Mooninm, Lulu is right whether it is benign or malignant you should have been allocated a breast care nurse. Suggest you phone the nurses on this site or the MacMillian ones to help explain what might be going on here.
In reality until the results are back no one really knows. Whilst it is stressful having to wait for this you must try and stay positive. Better to have proper tests and results so you know exactly where you stand.
Everyone finds the waiting bit in between tests and treatment the worse so you are no different. Hopefully all will be OK and you can move on. Keep yourself busy and don’t google because you will only scare yourself with stuff that might not be relevant to your situation. Take someone with you next time as two pairs of ears are better! Lets us know how you get on. Best wishes, Katy.

I’m really not sure why it jumped to four weeks, he said something about needing time to look at it. They’ll let me know when the results are in and then will call me to make an appointment to go in for the results. Post wasn’t mentioned.

I wasn’t allocated a nurse as far as I’m aware.

The radiologist didn’t seem happy and the fact that she said “abnormal tissue” and “non textbook” put the wind up me a bit. Wish I had fired a few more questions now but as I’d been hoping for a quick eviction from that clinic as I a bit shocked.

Fingers crossed for a week rather than four! Many thanks for your replies x

Hi…I’ve never heard of 4 weeks to wait either but…to try to reassure you a bit…I kmow from experiece that if anything sinister is suspected then the wheels go into motion really quickly…when I was dx my feet didn’t have time to touch the ground and I’ve read on here of other ladies with the same experience as mine…maybe they need time to develop your biopsy in a lab to be sure of what it is…also…maybe the radiologist wasn’t sure but your consultant knows what he’s talking about…I do agree with the other posts…you should have been allocated a BCN…even if just to explain what was going on…then again…maybe this is a good sign…they might not think you need one…I am not a medical person but it sounds to me as if they are confident of a good outcome for you…and for your own sanity DON’T GOOGLE…apple

Thanks Applestreet :slight_smile: Trying not to google, honest! Hoping things are entirely straightforward and I am just over thinking things! I’m looking forward to getting some rationality back. If longer than a week then I should have less reason to worry. Will obviously post back when I know. Many thanks once again x

Hi moominm.

What a horrible situation to be in! When I went to the breast clinic the consultant found a lump in my other breast which the radiologist said was “rather worrying” when she did the ultrasound. I went back in to see the consultant who said that, when she felt it, she’d thought it was a fatty lump but the ultrasound showed differently.

Four weeks is far too long to expect you to wait…I was going bananas waiting 6 days! I would be talking to the helpline on this site. I’ve phoned a couple of times when I couldn’t get hold of my breast care nurse and I’ve found them really helpful. On the subject of being allocated a breast care nurse, I wasn’t allocated one until I had the cancer diagnosis.

It sounds as if your consultant is certain it’s nothing…I really hope that’s the case and the radiologist had made an unguarded comment.

(((hugs)))) Maggie xx

I’m a week or so will give it another week before I contact them. Don’t want to completely overreact given the circumstances where most things seem to be in my favour.

Thanks for the response Maggie - much appreciated x

Hi Moominm

Please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your queries and concerns, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000 and our team are here to offer you practical and emotional support

Take care