up and down

hi everyone,

i was just wondering…

on tax, just had my 5th of 6 10 days ago,

i feel ok, then i seem to be back to square one,

has anyone else experienced the ses seeming to subside, then come back with a vengence,

it bizarre, just when you thought you were ok you suddenly feel really ill again,

liz xxx

I can’t tell you about Tax, but from FEC4 on (6 is next week), I’ve found that I get dizzy spells at odd intervals, sometimes after feeling better for a day or so. I often have a whole day or long part of a day feeling a bit dizzy all the time, not just from standing up too quickly or bending over. I’ve been told they are probably due to low blood pressure. I haven’t been able to identify anything in particular that brings this on. The tiredness is pretty well permanent now.

So perhaps after several treatments there is enough general damage that things we don’t even notice can set off the SEs?


I’m on FEC-T and have just had my second Tax. With FEC the SEs definitely followed a pattern of steadily getting worse then getting better and that was that, however with Tax it’s been much more as you describe Liz.

When the SEs hit I was very ill for a couple of days then started to feel better, however it was very up and down. Just when I thought I was OK my temp would rise and I’d get all achy again. This went on for over two weeks, finally settling down only about four days before I had my second Tax on Wednesday.

I never did completely lose the heavy legs feeling (which is now getting worse again) and my mouth had only just recovered by the day before the next dose so I should think now I’ll have no sense of taste until about the end of May!

Jane xxx

Hi Liz

Gosh your post brought back some memories about how cr@p I felt during TAX! Yes I’ve def been there too on that rollercoaster that never seems to want to stop. BUT note you’ve only got one to go; so hang in there girl and you’ll get through.

I never felt well on TAX and each one seemed to get worse but the last one didn’t seem as bad so hopefully it will be kind (?) to you too if that makes sense. I finished three days before Christmas so it was a bit of a blur but we made it through the day.

Good luck girl and as I said, you’re nearly there… and if you’re doing rads it’s a doddle.

Take care, Dee x

Hi ladies,

cheers for your comments

dee, thanks for the re-assurance,

i am going to take one day at a time, it certainly seems to lull you into a false sense of security and then strikes again,

its comforting to know i am not alone,

keep taxing my fellows taxers, it will soon be over, and we can return to normal (whatever normal is/was) lol.

lots of love liz xxxxx