UPDATE: 30yr old cyst and calification reported normal

below are the results uploaded to my patient record for dia mammo and ultrasound. I want to know if there is something I need to press my referring dr about or something I should be worried about?What does it mean when radiologist recommends clinical follow up?
Physical findings:
small mass in superficial tissue, mobile, we’ll circumscribed
Digital mammo findings:
Breast tissue extremely dense, extensive scattered punctuate califications throughout both breast suggestive of fibrocystic changes
Area of clinical concern: upper outter breast small superficial nodule present; no other discrete masses are appreciated, no areas of architectural distortion
From the ultrasound:
Upper outter quadrant of rt breast area of clinical concern: 11o’clock, 5cm from nipple there is 1.1×0.8×0.9 cm cluster of cyst vs a single multi separated cyst. There is through transmission of sound & well circumscribed margins
A few additional scattered sub centimeter cysts are ID throughout the upper outter rt breast. No suspicious masses no axillary lymphadenopy. Mammo benign finding clinical follow up recommend

Hi C,I’m not a medic but I think they are saying you have something that may need follow up (begnign breast condition )but not cancer.May be worth asking the nurses in the ask the nurses section .Jill,

Got a call from referring dr today and she is sending me to the breast specialist, which is reassuring to me that nothing is going to be overlooked atleast. The specialist called soon after and scheduled for an appointment this Friday.

Good luck .

Thank you