update on mum

Thanks for your replies. It’s put my mind at ease a little. You start to think all sorts.

Marilyn, I am in Wigan so not far from you.

We see Dr.Wilson at Christies and due to see him this Thursday so see what he says, maybe he will refer Mum for physio. Will keep you posted.

Going th have to do something it’s no quality of life for her she can’t do anything.

She hasn’t had any other side effects as of yet.


Hi everyone,

Update on my Mum. Her legs have been giving way and she isn’t able to walk.

Saw the onc on Thursday and he said it’s a side effect from the steroids. I was thinking it was the Xeloda but he wants her to carry on with it. She is being wiend off the steroids slowly so hopefully her legs should get better.

Has anyone else come across this with steroids?


Hi Holly

How is your mum today? I’m afraid I haven’t come across that prob with steroids so I can’t offer any advice but just wondered if your mum was having a scan to check the cancer isn’t pressing on her spine? When my mum’s legs gave way to was due to spinal cord compression which was treated with radiotherapy. I’m not trying to worry you, just don’t want other possible causes being missed.

Hope you are ok


Hi Nipper,

Mum is just the same. They didn’t think that it was the cancer because she hasn’t had any pain and her bowels are still ok. Her legs just feel perfectly normal it’s just when she tries to stand up.

I will have to wait and see. we see the onc agian in 3 weeks. We are in Wigan Nipper not far from you.


Mum is in hospital again. She startes with sob last night around 8pm.

I only found out this morning so she suffered all night. I got an ambulance this morning and been at A+E all day with her.
They are treating it as blood clots but they are scanning her tomorrow.

keep you updated. Hope she will be ok


Hi Holly

I’m thinking about you and your mum. I hope the docs are able to do something soon. Its awful waiting around to hear about things knowing there’s nothing you can do to help.
Nip x

Hi Holly

Just wondered how your mum was doing? x

Holly - sorry not to have een in contact ut been ill in hospital myself.
Muscle weakness is a known problem with steroids like dex and after 1 week at 8mg could n’t lift myself up off the chair but if this is blood clots and i hope it isn’t then that will be treated differently. Very common to have blood clotting problems though on chemo but scary.
so sorry to have ignored as as had read thread before went in but got very tired so didn’t answer many questions
Sending you my love


Dippykate, hope you are feeling better.

Mum has been in hospital for 10 days she has blood clots on her lung. The onc doctor went to see her yesterday and has stopped her chemo.

I’m very worried at the moment. Dad came back from hospital today and said they are putting her in a hospice for a few days before we sort the house out for her.

Just don’t know how Dad will manage her at home with her legs not working. He had his kidney out not long ago so shouldn,t lift her.
I am visiting her tonight and trying to make an appointement with the onc consultant from Christies to discuss Mum.

The nurses on the ward can’t answer any of my questions. She’s in Wigan hospital her onc said it’s to dangerous to move her to christies.

One of the clots is large and they have said 2-6 months before she will improve. I don’t know what to think. I’m devastated.

They all keep saying she’s very ill.

Hi Holly

Thank you for updating us, I have been thinking about you and your mum a lot.
I wish I could help or advise you some way. Has your mum seen the physiotherapists? They are very good finding ways to help people move from chair to chair so your dad shouldn’t have to do much lifting. Have carers been mentioned who could help throughout the days? Social services or the NHS should offer support of some sort.
I expect you are on a bit of a roller coaster with your thoughts at the mo. Its such a difficult time for all of you! She is lucky to have you to support her and your Dad. I hope the onc can give you more answers.


Hi Holly, hope your Mum has access to all the care available out there. Nipper is right, I was diagnosed by fracture and had to have a hip replacement. I was offered all sorts of aids at the time that luckily I didn’t need. Best Wishes Holly…and Nipper…xx

Sorry to hear the news that your mum will be ill for sometime to come.
I went into the hospice in June/july this year to sort out my pain control after rads to my chest and spine. I found it to be the best place to stay as staff to patient ratio is higher and so have more time for you and your family. It also means that they do everything they can to get patients rehabilitated and home safely. They will do their best from the assesments at the hospice to make sure that her house is altered and equipment supplied to make life easier for her.
They do a proper discharge sheet for your GP and a copy for you which will have her medicines listed. They would not let her go home until she is stable enough. They will start assessing what she can do and can’t do and then make a plan up to arrange it all hapens.
Once home, I’m sure you will get help from the social service department who may or maynot charge you for their services. Again, I’ve found the carers to be excellent but the management leaves a bit to be desired!!!
There are different aids to help your mum so make sure you do see someone from the hospice to see what sort of package of care is being offered for when she gets home.
My experience of the hospice is very positive and still go to daycare there once a week to catch up with everybody, have various complementary therapies, and sort out any issues such as pain in my back and shoulder blade, pain control and discuss treament options. You can go into a hospice for assessment of pain and rehab, it does not man that you are going to die soon.
I have been under the care of the palliative care team for 2 years now and have been so pleased with the support they have given me and my family.
Look after yourself and your dad and post again. I now keep falling asleep once I stop typing to think of the next line.
Hope evrything goes well for you all and I hope you have some good news soon.
Your poor mum does sound so poorly but she is very lucky to have you around and they are still treating her so that is a good line to start thinking what to say.

Thank you for your support.

The palliative team, Macmillans and physio are all involed. The pall nurse has just called me she is doing a referal for the hospice hoping to go in next week. It’s a hospice in Southport.
She has assured me that it is only tempary until the house is sorted out to help my Dad.

Kate thank you for your support you always make time for me.

She did say that Mum wont get back to how she was before but hopefully with physio and help at the hospice she should pick up.

It’s just so worrying all of this.

Nipper how is your Mum?

Holly xx

Hi Holly.
I’m glad you’ve got a team of professionals helping you out and I hope, with time, things slowly get better and your are all abe to adjust. As I said, your mum is lucky to have such a caring daughter.

Thanks for asking about my mum. Saddly, she died yesterday morning. She went into hospital 3 months ago with double vision and broken hip (I posted about it then) but she spent the last month in a hospice where she passed away. She never made it home.

Sorry to end on a sad note. Make the most of your mum and I sincerely hope things get better for you and your family.


Hi Nipper
so sorry to hear that your mum died yesterday, so many sad posts at the moment so many losses.
Thinking of you and your family.

Hi Holly
thinking of you and your family, hope your mum is as pain free and as comfortable as is possible.

Love Debsxxx

Oh Nipper I am so sorry to hear your sad news.Thinking of you, take care…With Love, Belinda…x

Nipper - so sorry to hear about your mum. I hope you felt she was well cared for at the hospice. Please pass on my condolences to you and your family. I’m so sorrry she never made it home but I’m sre she knew how much you cared for her at her final days. So sad for you. There’s no- one like a mum is there. Thinking of you at this sad time.

Holly - I hope your mum gets into the hospice quickly as I’m sure they will be able to make her more comfortable and usually the visiting is more flexible and you can make it more like ‘home’ for her - they usually let you bring in your own food etc and can use the fridge and make tea etc when you want. Also the nurse to patient ratio is better and although the physios are tough cookies - have you ever met a symapthetic one? - probably find one of you is a physio now!!! - they are excellent at getting the job done and the occupational therapists are brill at coming up with equipment to help with things at home eg simple equipment things like getting your tights on or doing buttons up!!! Hopefully, it is closer to where you live and hopefully parking is easier than at a hospital.
Things are moving in the right direction even if is slow. Keep your chin up. Your mum is very lucky to have such a caring daughter. Thinking of you and keep in touch
Love to all of you with poorly mums


I am so very sorry to read that you have lost your mum. Thinking of you at this very sad time.


Dear Nipper

On behalf of the moderation team at Breast Cancer Care please accept our sincere condolences to you and your family.

If you feel you need to speak to someone in confidence at this sad time, please don’t hesitate to contact the helpline, the staff are here for you. (0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm)

Take care

Dear Nipper

Really sorry to hear about the loss of your mum. It is devastating I know, but her memory and love will live on and shine within you forever, and you will always think about her, and I find myself talking to my mum sometimes, even though she is not here, but I find it helps.

Sending lots of love to you and your family at this time.