Update on results

Hi all well were back from hospital, good and bad news, good news it’s not in any of the lymph nodes but she needs another op apparently the 1 mm margin on the bottom of the cancer isn’t enough so they are going to take a slither ( that’s what her consultant said) off to be absolutely sure they have got it all. She’s à bit numb at the moment but I’m trying to be positive and telling her it’s not all bad at least your nodes are clear, but she can’t think bout that atm which I do understand, so op next weds then hopefully no more ops then she’ll start treatment plan. Not what she hoped for but a glimmer of good news x
Stay strong everyone xx


I think that’s more good than bad, but she probably doesnt feel that right now. Horrible to have to have another op, but hopefully she will feel better afterwards.

Sending my best wishes

Sue xx



I have seen on here that ladies who have had to have a shave to get a clear margin say the second op is not as bad.  Once she has chance to take it in she will be ok


Hugs to you both


Helena xxx

Thank you I no it’s not so bad news but it’s the second op that’s knocked her hard, but I no she’ll get her head round it and in cpl days she’ll be more positive. Xxx

Big hugs to your wife and keep on supporting her at times like this we need our loved ones and I know you must be suffering too as I see the emotional pain in my husbands eyes when I am in physical pain and he can’t do anything he has and will continue to be my rock and he hates that this is beyond his control x

Hi Paulie. I was gutted too when they told me i needed a 2nd op and i know your wife will be feeling it. Tell her the cavity shave is a much smaller and quicker op. Sending good wishes xx

Hi Pauline652010

I had to go thorough a second op to get clear margins, but it hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes which was a huge relief. It didn’t worry me too much about having another op. The only thing I found after having the 2nd op so quick, it was bruising on brusing in the area of your bc (four weeks to the day of the 1st) I was more relaxed, as I knew what to expect, no high blood pressure with worry, though I was more tired and needed sleeps in the afternoon to boost my engery. Hopefully going back to work on the 22nd September.

Take each day as it comes and your body will heal in its own time. Crack the whip when others are doing the housework for you, whilst you are drinking a lovely cup of tea or coffee with your feet up, also tell them if they have missed a bit. Go for a gentle walk, carvey or a clothes shopping, everybody tastes afe different. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO DO! Rant, Rave, even Swear like a trooper, but keep an open mind with postive thoughts. Lots of love & hugs.