went to my docs yesterday and only remember him sayin mammogram and hospital just cant remember anything else. must have been anxious because i went out and left the iron on and the straightners on have told the kids and my girl (23) is going to come with me to hosp my boy (19) is just avoiding me! the main thing is i have lots of support specially from day centre i attend due to having bi-polar hopefully it wont take to long but it feels good having a community site where i can offload so many thanks x

welcome Wendy… you’ll find lots of acceptance and encouragement on here. You’re at the hardest part - the not-knowing and waiting… Glad your daughter is going to come with you - it really helps to have another pair of ears to hear what’s being said. Good luck, keep us posted. Jane

Boys! what are they like? I bet he is so worried he just does not want to face up to it. Can your daughter have a word with him?

you will probably get a phone call or a letter from the hospital in the next two weeks. Might be the sort of place you just get a mammogram and they call you back to tell you results, or it might be the sort of place where you see a doctor, have a mammogram and if there is something they are not sure about have scans and tests. do be prepared to wait for hours.

Wating for your tests and results can be such an emotional time. People who do not have bipolar disorder have quite serious mental reactions–fear,depression,anxiety, anger and swing between them, I am glad you are getting support from the day care centre who understand your condition.

Anyway i am glad you found this site, everybody is realy helpful and you can come on anytime to ask questions or get support.

hope your appointment comes through soon.