Hi all, 

Just an update on my appointment today. Dr examined me and said she could see indents but couldn’t feel lump so sent me for mammogram. Mammogram clear so that plus her examination she felt was enough to confirm nothing wrong. She said indent more than likely ligament damage which is very common but always important to get checked. They were very efficient with not much waiting around in between. I hope this is helpful for anyone still waiting thst it is not always a negative outcome . Thank you for the support you have shown me it has helped me through a very challenging time. Xx

Hey, so glad for you that is a brilliant relief for you, you can now breath a sigh of relief  

Fk101722 - I’m so very pleased to read your update, what a huge relief. That was also a very positive post for others at a similar stage to read, to realise that there are innocent explanations for some changes - but also that it is always good to get checked out. I hope you have something lovely planned for this evening. Very best wishes to you, Evie xx