Updating from hospital!!

thanks to a wonderful friend of mine - i am updating (slowly) from my hospital bed…

What can I say?

I have good days and bad days, still getting used to the numb feeling under my arms…

I had 4 drains in on Wednesday (1 each for both sides of lymphs and 1 for each ‘breast’ area) however now only have 1 in for my right lymph side.

I have a tissue expander on both sides and on Thursday I was wanting to get them out. It was such a horrid strange sensation… Now, kinda getting used to seeing them and feeling them. I’m hoping that my last drain will be out tomorrow and my pain relief will be under control, so I can go home on Tuesday.

For those of you who have had a tissue expander - have you felt a strange ‘bubbly’ feeling anywherre around it? Kinda like the feeling the noise would make when you suck the last remaining bit of your drink through a straw?.. if that makes sense?

The last 5 days have been an emotional rollercoaster but today was an up day. I’m hoping the low days will be few and far between,

Hope everyone is okay,

Poannie xx

I had a left sided mastectomy and immediate recon, just wanted to say, well done you for being so lively so soon, my new boob did that bubbly feeling, it was really weird, but bless it i love it, just get yourself well, get yourself home, and just ride the storm as it comes and goes

all my love

Alison xxxxxxxxx

Hello Poannie. So glad you are having an “up” day! We need those, don’t we? From what I have read here, a positive attitude is really important for making those “up” days more frequent. I am having first surgery on Friday, so don’t know how I’ll feel then, but boy I’m going to try to be positive. You girls really help me with that.

Hi Poannie

Good to hear you’re having a good day - I think us girls on here deserve them more than most don’t you ?

I was interested to hear about your op, as I’m having a tissue expander done on 3rd October. Not in the least bit scared at the minute (more excited about my last chemo this coming Friday!) but I’m sure as the time gets nearer, you’ll see a “HELP!” post from me - LOL.

Anyway, glad to hear your op is out the way, and hope you’re recovering really well.

Lots of love

Julie xx