uploading my photo jpeg

uploading my photo jpeg

uploading my photo jpeg Are there any enlightened people out there who can advise me how to upload my photo onto my profile. I never have any trouble normally just this site thanks Eileen

Hi Eileen I’m not sure if I am any help, but just tried to put a picture on and there is a photo of me now on my personal homepage, but not sure if it is showing to anyone else. All I did was take a picture from my photobucket, copy it and put it on my desktop, then just copied it into the link they tell you to, and it just went in there ok.

I’m new to this site…so I hope I have been a bit of help but not sure.

Love Roz xx

I can’t do itothing happens I click on browse then nothing happens no ink appears either oh well. Thanks Eileen

Technical difficulties Hi Eileen

I am sorry that you seem to be experiencing technical difficulties in uploading your photo.

If you are still struggling, can I suggest that you email the Moderator who will investigate the problem with our technical team when the office is open again tomorrow.


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