Up's & downs !!!

Hi all
when I recieved my diagnosis I went into overload & felt very positive, taking each step at a time. Now I have my op date, which I felt was a positive thing & another step over. However this morning I felt a lot less positive, am hoping this is a small ‘glich’ & positiveness will return. I guess these ups & downs are to be expected ? Mothers day tomorrow & out with the Family, hope morale is a bit higher as dont want to spoil everyone else’s time. Op. date seem’s to have just cemented the fact I have BC. No phone call to say it’s all a mistake, so off we go to the next stage.
Happy Mothers day to all those who have children, to those who dont, well treat yourself anyway.
Lynn xx

hi, just to reassure you we all get these up and down feelings, and as you say just take one step at a time and i am sure you can get all the support you need from this site. I have undergone double mastectomy, reconstruction on one side due to having to have a course of chemo (3 down and 3 to go) followed by 4 weeks radiotherapy followed by recon on other side when able to have it done. This all seemed too much but as said take one step at a time and we can get through this. It never seems far from our minds but eventually the good days far outweigh the bad. Good luck to you and Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow. PS sorry you have had to join us.
Love Sandra x x x

Hi Lynn
yes i handled it very orderly and calm, felt very positive, had a lumpectompy and now need a WLE. have reached the crying stage, last night was a good one had too much wine and cried for hours but feel better today.
I know i will survive this dont know what my liver might be like at the end though.

hope everything goes well for you

Dear Lynn, and Sandra and Chris

Just wanted to reiterate what you have all said. I remember when I was first diagnosed in November and how you go into overdrive and gather all your resources and information and get ready for what’s ahead. That sees us through those first dark days I think. Equally, and inevitably, there are the times that you just have to allow yourself a jolly good cry and to give yourself permission to feel thoroughly miserable for a while. Just as therapeutic I think! After all, there we are going along with life and suddenly this most momentous thing happens, quite out of the blue. However you look at it, it is uninvited and life changing and a damn nuisance (to put it mildly). No quick fixes either, we all face a long road of complex, challenging treatment, changing our bodies and our lives. No wonder we have to grieve a bit for what we knew, and how we were, and how our “old” life was. But that’s absolutely normal and how it should be.

I remember waking up those first few weeks and thinking “oh damn, I 've still got breat cancer”, and “this is a bit of a bore now”. But as so many women have said, I think the key is just taking each stage at a time, each day at a time. The most amazing thing is that the time does pass, we do make progress, and slowly the end of treatment really does come into sight ( I had a WLE and am now half-way through chemo, then RADS to come). My liver getting a rest at the moment as my usual glass of wine does not taste so great which is a shame!!! As Sandra said, the good days far outweigh the bad. This site is so wonderfully supportive and a great place to chat with others who really do understand the ups and downs of this rollercoaster. Better and brighter days lie ahead ladies, Love to all, and Chris do hope that this is a better day for you. Sarah xxx