Upset and Angry

After reading some posts I don’t feel I have the right to feel how I do and some of you have worse things to cope with than me.

I had my breast lump removed 5 weeks ago. I have been told over the phone it was benign. As I have said in previous posts though, Since my first consultation and my op I have found two other lumps nearer but not under my armpit area on the same breast.

Originally I could only feel these when I had shower gel on my hands and slid across my breast and couldn’t feel them with a dry hand. I can now feel them with a dry hand though so think they are getting a bit bigger.

When I went in for my op they thought I was in for a local when in fact it was a general so I took longer than they had anticipated. When the consultant briefly visited me before I was taken into theatre I mentioned these lumps and asked if he could check them at the same time. He said he would rather wait until my follow up appt.

Today I recieved a letter to say my appt has been cancelled and now isn’t for another 8 weeks! My husband rang me at work to tell me it had arrived. Silly me cried all the way driving home. I had just got it into my head that on Thursday he might do a scan and tell me the lumps were harmless or do a needle biopsy if needed then I would know fairly soon that everything was ok and could stop worrying.

I can’t wait another 8 weeks, I would get seen sooner if I was a new referral! Chances are these lumps are ok as I have had one in each breast removed now that was but what if they arn’t? I suffer with bi-polar depression too so can’t cope with too much stress or worry. Maybe my consultant has forgotten I needed other lumps checking so I have been moved down the list, I don’t know.

I was getting very anxious so rang my gp and left a message with his receptionist about it asking if they could do anything or refer me to another hospital sooner. If the lumps were bad 8 weeks could make alot of difference to the outcome. If they are fine great, but I need to know.

I was so wound up when I got home and am so frustrated I can’t speak to anyone tonight, probably won’t sleep tonight.

Sorry for moaning I just have so much frustration pent up I had to get it out.


Hi J

I’m not surprised you are feeling frustrated, 8 weeks is a long time to wait even if you are confident there wont be anything sinister lurking.

I think your best plan of attack may be to go and see your GP rather than speaking to him/her on the phone and see if you can get a new referral for the lumps that haven’t been investigated properly. If they are aware of your bi-polar diagnosis they may be sympathetic of your issues and make a couple of calls on your behalf.

One piece of advice, stay calm and don’t take out you frustrations on whoever answers the phone this will not do your cause any favours.

Good luck, sleep well and take care.


I agree with AJ. The GP in this case would be your best bet as they know your whole history not just your breast lump history. They should be able to get you seen earlier if appropriate and if not, give you a explanation as to why the consultant doesn’t feel that you are a priority. Get an appointment ASAP - an urgent one if necessary because you have your mental health to consider also.

So sorry to hear that your appointment has been cancelled. As the others have said go speak with the GP and see what can be done to speed things up.

Thanks girls. Also for being so understanding about my bipolar depression, not many people understand how stress and anxiety affect me alot and trigger depression.

Poor you, 8 weeks is far too long to expect you to wait, especially as you’ve just had something removed as well - it must be very upsetting as I’m sure you were hoping that you would be able to relax by now.

I know that saying it’s probably completely harmless is not likely to make you feel any better, as it’s the uncertainty that’s causing the problem, especialy if you have bipolar as well.

I would definitely go to your GP and say what you’ve said here - they should be understanding, and seeing as there are new lumps it would be reasonable to expect a new referral, as the other appointment is your follow up.

Hope you get it sorted & get some sleep xx

Hi girls

I did as you said. Rang my GP’s and spoke to the practice manager who I have known along and who understands about my bi polar. She said a new referral would take as long as the hospitals in my area have long waiting times now so advised I ring my consultant’s secretary explaing my anxieties.

I did this and she was very supportive and has added me onto a list on 30th May, I will have to wait a long time as the clinic is really busy but I don’t care.

Sometimes you feel like the counsultants don’t care how upset people can get when an appt is cancelled and not remade for weeks, you shouldn’t have to the extra pressure of having to push for a sooner appt. There is one lady I work with who has had breast cancer and now has problems with her womb causing severe bleeding every month and she wants an hysterectomy. She has been passed from pillar to post and they won’t yet agree to do it. She stands up for helself and feels they probably think she is one of the most awkward patients but if she didn’t she wouldn’t get anywhere.

Thanks again for your support, it really helps.


Hi Julie

Well done Im glad you got sorted out sooner. Good luck for the 30th. I have to go back on the 29th after waiting 3 months so we will be going around the same time.

Yvonne xx

Well done for sorting it out, good for you. Hope you feel a bit calmer knowing that you wont have to wait so long xx