Urgent, GCSF Injection

Hi all

I have to give myself an injection at 2pm, does it matter where it goes, arm, leg?

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia

For medical advice like this it is advisable to ring your own medical team or our helpline where you could speak to a specialist nurse, the number is 0808 800 6000 and its open until 2pm today.

Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

Hi Cecilia

Depends what injection it is let me know what the name of it is and I will look it up to see if it is IM Sub cut etc and the best place to give it!

Kim x

Thanks Kim, am onto yhe helpline now.

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia

Good you will get best advice.
Have looked in BNF and seems it is a subcutaneous injection. which is just under skin. usually in arm. Tummy/thigh if doing it yourself.
Good Luck (wish I could come and give it to you) to help out.

Kim x

There should be a leaflet in the package that tells you - and did you get a sharps box?
I do mine in the tummy - quite easy, doesn’t hurt at all.
best of luck

Good idea Quisie, wish I’d thought of looking at that! Doh! blame chemo brain…

Cecelia. x

lovely Cecilia - chemo brain is certainly something they do not mention - but is so very real!
hope it went well, a sub cut injection is really quite easy.

You’ve probably got this sorted by now but I had the GCSF in my thigh. It can also be done in the abdomen. I think, but am not absolutely sure, that it can also be done in the arm. I think it’s hidden away in the leaflet somewhere but I remember it was hard to find. The district nurses who came to do mine (had it done twice now) hadn’t come across it before. Are you on the TACT2 trial? I’m on the 4th arm of it with accelerated epirubicin (and GCSF) then cap-something tablets further on.


Hi Nicola

Just had last chemo yesterday, 2nd Tax after 5 FEC so didn’t want to take any chances.

Did it in my thigh, was shaking, but managed to get it done thankfully.

Good luck to you.

Cecelia. x

Hi How did you get on? I had to give one and i gave mine in stomach lots of fat to take the pain! LOL

Well done Cecelia. If you don’t like doing it yourself though, is it not an option to have the district nurse (from your local GP practice) come out and do it? My chemo unit send a fax to the GP asking them to arrange this. I ring up on the day to make sure they’re coming out. I have to bring home from the hospital a card with a signature on it which authorises them to do it each time.

Also, it says somewhere on the instructions that if you take it out of the fridge half an hour before then it is less painful to administer.

Remember, each one done is one less to go! And each GCSF injection means a whole week less of chemotherapy - hurrah!!


Hi All

I did OK, chose the top most, fattest part of my thigh and just went for it.

Last chemo done, so thankfully won’t have to do that again!

Cecelia. x

Sorry to be so dim but what are GCSF injections?

Jackie xxxx


I know its too late now but I always had mine in my tummy. Plenty of meat there so wasn’t too painful, but I’m a whimp so always got OH to give them to me!

Jackie - GCSF is also called ‘Neulasta’ (among other things). It is an injection given to promote/stimulate bone marrow growth and is often given if someone has a low white cell count. I had mine as I was on a trial of accelerated chemo.