Urgent referral to breast clinic

I’ve only just turned 28, I found a small irregular shaped painful fixated hard lump on the inner part of my right breast right by one of my ribs , saw GP they referred me for urgent referral my appointment is on Tuesday morning. I don’t really know how to feel because I’m also waiting to see a gastro and gynecologist I’ve been up and down ill,fatigued and lower right abdomen/upper pelvic area pain since November with liver blood tests, and vitamin D coming back abnormal but ultrasound scans show nothing wrong with my liver,pancreas,bowels or kidney’s, I do have a small polyp on my uterus though. So I’m just overwhelmed with what seems like never ending health issues and exhaustion due to anxiety.

Im sorry you are having to deal with so many health worries at the same time , it can get really overwhelming , I’ve been in  situation where lots of health issues are fired at you at the same time it’s.really hard to deal with . Good news is most breast lumps are not cancer and cancerous ones are usually ( not always ) not painful .You’ve had your abdomen checked and nothing concerning seen, that’s positive too so hopefully all these things will be resolved by further tests and are not something to worry too much about . Let us know how you get on , lots of support here . Best wishes Jill .